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Over the last few years, our lovely Frugi Family have been reviewing our latest collections on their blogs, providing us with fantastic & honest feedback. We thought it would be a fun idea to host a Frugi Family Blog Takeover where they get to chat about a topic of their choice… Get ready for a range of exciting blogs from fun summer activities, to travelling tips and even delicious recipes! the 5th blogger taking part in the Frugi Family Blog Takeover is Mum in a Nutshell.

Long lazy mornings, memory making moments, exciting days out. What’s not to love about the 6 week’s off? I adore the whole kick back and throw the routine rule book out of the window during these precious few weeks and come September I’m just as sad as my kids to see it all come to an end. But one thing I do tend to fret about is how much money I spend trying to make those above mentioned memory making moments and exciting days out.

Because as reality sets in, when you look at just how much it costs for a family of four to go any where, plus add in the food and fuel or transport costs and your looking at well over £50 and that’s trying to budget!

I have a rule where we choose one day a week where we have to spend money. Some week’s will be more than others but with a set budget for the whole summer break (omitting any holidays) you can borrow from one week to splurge another. And the other days are spent doing things locally or cheap as chips, mini days where we take a packed lunch and visit somewhere free.

I’m actually really fortunate enough to live on the south Devon coast with lots of glorious beaches nearby. When the weather’s playing ball then we pack up our swim gear, (whether we intend to swim or not, you can guarantee my toddler will want to paddle so I always take his Frugi sun suit!


And when the weather’s not so kind, even an hour sitting throwing pebbles in the sea blows away the cobwebs and gets the much needed fresh air.


But what if you’re not so lucky to live by the sea?

We’ll why not try Geo Caching? It’s free to download via an app and can get you exploring out and about all over the place, as near or far as you want to go. I’m actually a huge fan of kids playing Pokemon Go for the same reason. I’ve fully accepted that screen time is part of modern childhood but it does need managing otherwise it becomes all to easy to let them spend excessive amounts of time playing games or in the iPad but geo caching and Pokemon Go gets them out and about while they are still getting that screen time. Why not do it as a family?

And when you really fancy a stay at home day then make it fun with some indoor den building. I don’t know many households who don’t own a bonkers number of throws (that’d be me then!) so put them to good use along with the equally crazy amount of cushions and have a carpet picnic.

At the end of the day the things your kids will remember are not how much you spent on an indulgent day out, it’ll be the days when you all had fun together, whether that’s in a den under the kitchen table, sitting throwing stones on the beach or running across the country side looking for treasures mapped on your mobile phone.

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  1. karen - would like to be

    How I wish we lived close to the sea again! Some of our best days out are those that are free or include the price of an ice cream each. You can’t go wrong with a family adventure and a picnic and we would definitely recommend looking at joining the National Trust. The Summer doesn’t have to be expensive x

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