Frugi Family Reviews Autumn 2016

Our Frugi Family have been busy reviewing our AW16 collection this week. You may have seen all the #Frugifamily references on Twitter and Instagram. The blogs have been really great again, 15 families chose an item from our Autumn/Winter collection to review, road tested it and told us what they thought. Here are some links to their lovely blogs with some snip-its and snaps, if you’re struggling to decide on a purchase have a read and hopefully they will help you make up your mind 🙂




Dear Beautiful – Emmie Dress

‘I have to say that it’s the bright colours and eye catching designs that I love the most about Frugi. I feel like you can tell just by looking at an item that it’s from them. The quality is fantastic too, they wash amazingly, and you can’t argue with the credentials of their organic clothing. Plus, something I think I’ve said in both my previous Frugi Family posts; the clothes really look like children’s clothing. These aren’t smaller versions of grown up outfits, but fun and playful designs which are what childhood should be all about. They kind of feel like the kind of clothes that children would design for themselves, and I love that about them. Which is probably why I’ve recently spent a pretty penny buying lots of lovely pieces from their sale for next summer, as well as on new things for the new season.’



Dolly Dowsie – Cosy Toes Gift Setup-and-away-2

‘Just in case you’re not already aware of the brand, Frugi is a very popular clothing brand amongst parents and their little ones alike. Parents love the good quality, long-lasting and super soft feeling of Frugi’s gorgeous clothing, while little ones fall in love with the bright, joyous colours and fun prints which have become a staple of the Frugi brand. Frugi’s clothes, in my opinion, embody the spirit of childhood and I love seeing Tyler Lee, and now Beau, sporting their fun and colourful clothing.’





Just some of the boxes the Rex Jumper ticks for Mum in a Nutshell


  • ‘Colours which complement several shades of shorts and trousers – I’ve teamed them with cords, jeans, chinos and shorts.
  •  Full fills my own personal ‘thing’ for striped tops – (did I really just admit to that?)
  • My son likes wearing it – sure does, and he’s exercising his right to choose his own wardrobe at eery opportunity at the moment to this is a definitely a good thing.
  • Has camper vans on – yes, and some are yellow. Ok it’s mustard to be precise but that’s even better as it’s my bestest, favouritist, gert lush colour of the moment. So yellow camper vans give it a real surfy, retro vibe. Love it!’



Chelsea Mamma – Adventure Print Coat

‘The coat is made with a showerproof outer fabric, a cosy inner wadding and soft fleece lining to keep Eliza warm and dry on the most miserable of days. The coat has fab reflective prints which helps keep her seen on the walk home from school when the light is fading.’






What The Red Head Said – Hedgerow Hoody

‘LP absolutely loves her new jumper, and has asked to wear it quite a lot since it arrived. She loves the cute camper van design – especially the little bird on top, and she commented on how nice the pink lining in the hood is. This makes the hood so much thicker and warmer than a single layer hood and LP feels so snug wearing it.’



Ghost Writer Mummy harriet-hoody-dress-2

‘We love the Harriet Hoody dress! It’s bright, fun and very practical. Bella loves wearing dresses but sometimes, especially up north, they’re just not appropriate. Now I know that with the Harriet Hoody she’s going to be warm and snug, and stylish too. We love love love the rain cloud and rainbow design, it’s fresh and fun and bright enough to turn this simple dress into something a little more special.’



Goblin Child – Little Discovery and Bobbly Applique tops

‘Saturday mornings are my time with the boys. If I rise enough to feed Polly and express for Em, early enough that the boys are still asleep, when they wake up I can dress them, bundle them into the double buggy and go. Our new Saturday mornings are all breakfast on the bus, croissants and coffee and crumbs in the buggy. We talk about mummy, how she is at home with the babies (“We’ll see her soon! We’re going to the PARK”), we talk about the bus, they point out every car and lorry and bike. We find new parks, new open spaces in which to run around. We take risks that Kirsty would never allow; we play beside unguarded ponds, we coax squirrels to nibble snacks right out of our hands (“Cat! they cry, voices trembling with excitement, “Cat!”). Saturday mornings are for adventure.’


Global Mouse Travels –  Lulu Jumper Dresslulu-dress-rainy-rainbow

‘Frugi are absolutely wonderful at what they do, making clothes for kids to be kids in and that make everyone smile. There’s no garnish logos or tacky slogans, it’s just fantastic quality with quirky eye catching prints that stand the test of time and can be passed down to siblings and younger friends. This print of ‘rainy rainbows’ is one of my favourites ever.’



natty-2Downs Side Up

‘This gorgeous Hannah Reversible Dress is made from soft organic cotton, with popper fastenings at the back of the neck for easy dressing. One side of the dress has a sweet Frugi character applique and the reverse has a cute embroidered pocket, two dresses rolled into one!’







Would Like To Be – Puddle Buster Coatpuddle-busters-2

‘Now this coat looked good on the website but in reality it is absolutely gorgeous. The print is adorable and so bright and colourful and of course we love all the little details. The super soft snuggly fleece lining, the hood for rainy days and the reflective prints for safety. With a zip and poppers it will be sure to keep the rain out and the fab print will cheer up the dullest day’

write-like-no-ones-watching-2Write Like No One’s Watching – Scrumptious Babygrow

‘Just look at that face. That perfect little face that I have always loved is finally one I can see. And the rest of her – every gorgeous inch – is covered in the most gorgeous sleep suit. Frugi’s clothing is organic and this is some of the softest organic cotton I’ve ever felt. It’s thick and luxurious and it lasts. I know because these aren’t the first sleep suits we’ve had from the Frugi line.’



What Mummy Thinks

‘For those of you who may have just stumbled across Frugi as an awesome children’s clothing brand, or even those of you who may have been looking at their items from afar, the Hayle Hoody is just one more reason to start shopping with Frugi.’






Belle Du Brighton


‘What she (and I!) love about the Hannah dress is that it is reversible, so you can have a plain dress with the Owl applique and a polka dot trim at the neck and hem, or turn it inside out and have an all-over spotty dress with a pretty little owl pocket! It’s made from Frugi’s gorgeously soft organic cotton, and has buttons that do up at the neck. It’s probably a little long for Athena right now but it still looks lovely and there is plenty of growing room!’






My Two Mums

‘The Adventure print coat is made from 100% recycled fibres and offers a showerproof outer layer with a soft and warm inner fleece lining. The design is bright and colourful with reflective stars at the base of the back of the coat and on the breast of the coat. The zip is very easy to use by an independent child, which makes it perfect to take to school for cold days in the playground. M loves coats he can put on and zip up on his own and really loves the dinosaur design.’



The Black Pearl Blog black-pearl-blog-reversible-dress

‘We picked this beautiful Claire Reversible Dress*(£30.00) in a dark teal colour and it was definitely the right choice. One side is covered in white polka dots and has a little pocket and the other side is plain, with a big applique and a polka dot trim around the neckline and on the bottom. Sooo, sooo cute!’





We hope you’ve enjoyed having a read through our #FrugiFamily blogs this season, tell us about your favourite Frugi items from the new collection below 🙂 Thanks

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