Good things happen when you go organic!

Organic September

Organic September is all about celebrating all things organic, consequently I thought it might be interesting to share our organic journey so far…


My organic living – if we could call it this – really started when I became a mum. Not that I was not aware of all the benefits of Organic before, but, it was not a necessity in my life. Then I got married and my concerns about wastes and the environment increased: I started to get involved in some local projects to protect the landscape.

When did I really step into organic? My journey began with Anna’s birth:  my eldest daughter, who is now a lovely 5 years old pre-schooler. Anna suffered from very sever eczema all over her face and body and she had some food allergies too. I tried lots of things to ease the itchiness – cream after cream, we noticed no change and it was getting worse. I started to look more deeply into organic products and organic cotton. My first ever move was to use organic skincare products and it helped her so much that I bought her some organic cotton pyjamas too. I immediately noticed a change: she was more comfortable and the state of her skin improved.

Good things happen when you go organic!

I was worried budget wise and did not know where I should start to get all our family involved. Going organic was in the end easier than I thought.

In fact, there was no need to change everything immediately, we have not changed our entire wardrobe all at once and we consume organic food every time we can. I try to buy more exclusively organic products because we are conscious that this is the best thing to do for our little family and all the farmers, workers, etc. – and animals involved in the process.

At some point, we asked ourselves: how can food and clothes be so harmful? How and when did they begin to be? We found out about all the chemicals and pesticides that they contain and the reason why Anna was so badly affected. Furthermore, since the production of organic cotton does not involve the use of chemicals, it causes fewer allergies.

Going organic not only reduces our exposure to potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals but also it helps to protect the wildlife and environment, also we know we are supporting the farmers who work hard to grow our food.

This is why we decided to organic our September by enrolling our daughter in an organic farm school!


This was so exciting! Because we could not wait to start, we decided to go for a visit. I love living in the Devon coast; we have so many wonderful opportunities around us. We are surrounded by fields and farms!  We also have the farm Market where you can find a lot of yummy and healthy organic products to buy and use in some scrumptious organic recipes.

So let’s go together to visit Shillingford Organics Farm in Exeter and the Farm School hold by Fatma.

Anna was so excited and it was amazing to discover and learn about seeds and Marigolds!


We harvested some ripe tomatoes and we ate them straight after a rinse. This is what is amazing with organic farms; you can eat without asking yourself if there are any chemicals. Anna normally hates tomatoes but the fact she harvested them, encouraged her and really they were sweet and tasty!












After a joyful moment eating our scrumptious tomatoes, We went to the hen-house and fed the chickens with the smashed tomatoes.



Fatma took her time to explain us all about seeds and the benefits of growing organic fruits and vegetables.

It was a really lovely morning and we were delighted that our children were enjoying and discovering the love for soil and the wealth and benefits of farming.




We went back home with some lovely fresh vegetables, ready to cook them for our lunch.


This is how we will organic our September, how about you?

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