Create your own creepy crafts for Halloween!

With Halloween sneaking up on us, you may find yourself scarily stuck on ideas for how to keep your little ones busy. But do not fear Frugi is here! Follow our eerily easy craft ideas to transform your home into a haunted house…


Toilet roll bats

If you fancy recycling toilet paper rolls, then we have the spookiest suggestion! Why not make a set of bat buddies that can be hung from the ceiling as a Halloween decoration.

Just follow these three simple steps:

·         Fold in the top of the toilet roll to create the bat ears, glue the fold into position (use kitchen paper tubes if you prefer)

·         Cut the wings out of black craft paper and glue to the sides of the toilet roll

·         Draw on some spooky or goofy facial expressions and viola you are on your way to having a haunted house!


Pine cone spider

Ordinarily, you may want to keep creepy crawlies outdoors where they belong, but with this cute craft idea, your little one can create a spider friend that you will love having inside the home. Start off by going on a woodland adventure (don’t forget your trusty Puddle Busters!) to gather up some pine cones to use as the body, then once at home simply stick on some googly eyes and eight brown pipe cleaners for the legs (or you could jazz your spider up with some colourful legs!). All that’s left to do is to give him/her a name…and hide them ready to give someone a creepy surprise!

Frightful Frugi designs

We provide print out designs that you just need to cut out and glue… so if you wish to have a Frugified Halloween then look no further! There is the choice of either our bewitching spider paper chains CLICK HERE or our special pumpkin carving templates CLICK HERE.

We would love to see any crafts that are created, so please don’t hesitate to share on our Facebook page

Have a happy Halloween!


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