Charity Focus-An interview with Matt from PumpAid

PumpAid are one of the three children’s charities we are supporting through our Little clothes BIG change project.

We grabbed five minutes with their Partnerships Manager Matt to tell us more about the charity and how our donations will make a difference.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Matt and I’m the Partnerships Manager at Pump Aid. I’ve been at Pump Aid for just over three years now and my role is to secure funding from a wide range of donors, from businesses to organisations like Comic Relief. Once they start to support Pump Aid, I manage these donor relationships, ensuring that are supporters can see the tangible impact their support is having.

Tell us all about your charity.

Pump Aid’s mission has been defined from the start by first-hand knowledge of the needs of developing communities, as Pump Aid was founded in 1998 by teachers working in a rural Zimbabwean primary school. Two of their pupils died after a snake fell into an open well contaminating it and, 18 years later, we are still working to provide clean water to those in greatest need, community by community.

Who is involved in the running of the charity?

Pump Aid is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of nine members and they oversee the management, governance and strategy of the organisation. Day to day management falls on the Chief Executive, Director of Programmes and the Country Director.

Pump Aid is a small organisation and in the London office we employ 5 members of staff who oversee finance, fundraising, strategy and admin. We are also supported by numerous volunteers as well who we are extremely grateful to as they provide such vital help to the organisation.

In Malawi we employ approximately 30 staff who are involved in delivering our programmes work ensuring our fundraising efforts in the UK help the people that are most in need

What are the charity’s main objectives?_Sheena Duggal 2

Pump Aid’s main objective is to achieve lasting positive change in poor and rural communities by improving the quality, availability and use of water and sanitation. We do this in a number of ways which include:

–    Providing simple and sustainable supplies of water by building rope and washer pumps that can be easily maintained by the communities they serve

–    Promoting private sector approaches in urban areas in order to improve the quality of water, sanitation and hygiene education through recruiting and training entrepreneurs

–     Working with children’s preschools to provide clean water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition to children and care givers to improve attendance

–     Creating demand for market-led, small business solutions to rural water poverty and sanitation services through providing training and mentoring to local artisans and entrepreneurs

How do you go about fundraising?

Although Pump Aid only has two designated fundraiser’s we see fundraising as a job for everyone! We fundraise through writing applications to charitable trusts and foundations, responding to calls for proposals to Governments, carrying out events, giving presentations to community groups like Rotary Clubs, getting in touch with businesses to see if they will support our work and doing appeals.

How can people get involved in raising awareness and money for your charity?

We are always on the lookout for more people to raise awareness and funds for the charity. People can either visit our website or give us a call on 0845 504 6972 to ask how they can help us. We’ve done events such as sky diving, marathons and bake sales before and we can provide a variety of materials to support anyone who wants to raise awareness of our charity.

We’re always open to new ideas to, so if you have one that you think will work, we’d be glad to hear about it!

How will working with Frugi make a difference to your charity? 

Pump Aid loves working with like-minded ethical organisations and Frugi is a perfect fit. They have already supported us with awareness raising and fundraising which will make a huge difference to the charity.

The process to begin working with Frugi was really enjoyable and the organisation has been nothing but helpful in wanting to make the partnership work which gives us confidence when reaching out to other business who might want to support us.

We’re really excited that they have agreed to fund a project that helps young children in Malawi as the focus on supporting young children fits with Frugi’s values.

What Frugi customers are helping to raise money for and why this is needed.

Frugi customers are helping with a really worthwhile project. Frugi customers are supporting Pump Aid in providing clean water, safe and friendly toilets and hygiene education to a preschool in rural Malawi. In addition to providing water and sanitation Pump Aid will help set up kitchen gardens to grow food such as maize, spinach and groundnuts which is then used to help supply children with the nutrients they need in order to remain healthy and reduce the effects of stunting.

The pre-schools, known as Community Based Childcare Centres (CBCCs) look after children between the ages of 3-5. The CBCCs provide children with their first steps in education but they also free up time for parents to work instead of caring for their children, which provides vital extra income. The Government of Malawi has supported the roll out of nearly 9,000 CBCCs over the last few years but attendance is low with over 700,000 children not having access to one. Less than 25% of CBCCs have satisfactory safe water and toilets.

With your help we can change these, giving children hope for a better future.

Thanks Matt 🙂LCBC_Linear-01

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