Gingerbread Decorating Day! Any excuse!!

We knew Gingerbread Decorating Day was approaching (Saturday 10th Dec) and it gave us the perfect excuse to get creative in the kitchen this week! Elsie and I love baking together and she particularly likes the decorating bit… so I prepared the biscuits the night before and we set about the decoration together… as time was short we split this into 2 parts – Elsie loved a double decorating whammy of course!! Especially getting her hands on those little tubes of coloured icing! She is getting loads better at using pens etc. now and colouring in so I think she really enjoyed trying to get all the snowman elements in the right place ☃ Even if the snowmen looked slightly more ran over than melted- but hey ho! They tasted good!

We used a Jamie Oliver recipe for the gingerbread, which you can find here and then some white marshmellows and icing for the decoration. I’d noticed this simple decoration popping up on my social feed lots and thought it would be prefect for a 3yr old!! However with a ginger biscuit and all that sugar on top, I had to ration them out, half at a time… which of course I wasn’t very popular for!! (It’s given me an idea to make mini ones next time though!)


I didn’t think I really needed to add a ‘how to’ guide as these are very simple and everyone can add their own decoration twists… Have you made them before?

We split our gingerbread dough so we could make both some snowmen and some reindeer too… I’ve done these before, and loved them so was very excited to give them another go this year 🙂

gingerbread-2Elsie loved dropping the nose and eyes into place… but she couldn’t wait to finish them all to grab one to try!


So here are our final decorated gingerbread efforts to celebrate today! I think we’ll be popping over to our neighbours with some treats, so we don’t end up eating them all ourselves!!



Are you decorating any gingerbread this festive season? Share your pics, we’d love to see 🙂

Happy Christmas everyone,  love from Emily (Frugi marketing person) and Elsie x

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