A visit from Pump Aid

Last week Matt from Pump Aid came all the way down to sunny Cornwall for a fantastic ‘Lunch & Learn’ with the Frugi team.

He gave a fantastic presentation on Pump Aid’s work in Malawi and showed us the progress they are making on the Pre-school project that you, our amazing customers, are supporting through our Little clothes BIG change project.

Every time you buy something from Frugi you help support Pump Aid in their work, it’s so lovely to see that our donations are already making a positive difference to the lives of children. 🙂


Pump Aid work on a variety of programmes that provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene in rural and urban areas of Malawi. In some cases, they directly deliver the work through building pumps and latrines and in others they help establish small businesses to do it instead.

Here’s the pre-school that Pump Aid are currently working in with support from Frugi’s customers. It’s called ‘My Journey’ and is located in Blantyre District in the South of Malawi. As you can see it’s a fairly basic building where just over 100 children spend around half their day. This pre-school is actually of quite a high standard compared to some of the others available. It has a proper roof and walls for a start which is fantastic but no clean water or toilets.

Work so far…

Initially Pump Aid worked closely with the local government to identify a Pre-school most in need. Once identified, they then worked with caregivers and the local community to review the best place for the pump to go.

The drilling team then came in and drilled down into the ground about 30 metres. It’s quite a small hole that the machine drills, then a long cylinder is placed in the hole and this is where the water is brought up from the ground to the surface.

Work has also begun on building the separate latrines for girls and boys. The latrines Pump Aid will install will be based on a simple pit latrine but with a smaller hole to stop children falling in and so that children can use without support from caregivers.

And here is a photo of the completed pump! As you can see here it’s very easy to use and can be used by children. You can see here the buckets are full with clean water and children are already starting to wash their hands. 🙂







Here’s another photo of one of the caregivers giving a lesson in the shade just outside from the school building. They are quite lucky to be able to have this space rather than been crammed in to a small building.








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  1. Helen

    Lovely to see how the money helps! Great cause!

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