Being a Frugi Working Mum

We recently hosted a  ‘Bring Your Little One to Work Day’ which was so much fun, if a little mad! Amongst the chaos we thought it would be nice to have a chat with some of our mums about being a working mum here at Frugi.

First off we spoke to Helene who’s our partnerships and charities coordinator for our Consumer Marketing Team.
Helene is a bit of an old-timer and has worked here at Frugi for 7 years! She took 9 months off after having her daughter Nyrah and is now part-time, working 3 days a week.


We asked Helene a few questions about juggling life as a working mum and what’s it’s like working at Frugi. 🙂

How many children do you have?
Just the one thank you!

What’s the best bit about working at Frugi?
It’s a bit of a cliché but honestly the best bit about coming back to work is being able to sit down and drink hot tea, go to the loo without a little person joining you, and talking to grown-ups! I’m also really loving the lunchtime yoga sessions; especially the last bit of the class where we have to lie down in a dark room and relax…heaven!

What does it feel like to be a working mum?
Honestly? It feels a bit like juggling ferrets.
I’m always late, there’s never enough hours in the day and I find trying to be good at both roles a huge challenge.

Frugi are ace though and are really flexible, which is a godsend when your toddler NEVER sleeps and seems to have an eternal cold! They also don’t mind when I turn up in the same clothes as the previous day, with wet hair (as no time to dry it) and eat my breakfast at my desk.

What is your little ones favourite Frugi outfit?
You mean mine don’t you?! Ha ha ?
I love dressing her in as many crazy Frugi prints as possible in one outfit…she’s definitely not a girly girl; more of a dungarees and wellies type of gal.


Thank you to Helene for coming along and having a chat with us, it was so lovely to have Nyrah in the office and having fun in our photo studio. 🙂

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