Being a Frugi working Mum – Part 2

As you have probably seen by now, we had a fun and chaotic ‘Bring Your Little One To Work Day’  last month, in between the nursery rhyme singing, crafts and cake we thought it would be nice to have a catch up with some of our mums and chat about juggling work and life.  We spent some time with Emma, a Junior Garment Technologist, she has been working at Frugi for 3 years, as well as completing a years work experience first! Since having her daughter Tabetha she now works 3 days per week.


 So here is what Emma had to say 🙂


How many children do you have?

Just the one!

What’s the best bit about working at Frugi? 

The best bits are definitely the team, constant supply of hot tea and the relaxing yoga sessions, which really boosts my mood and productivity.

Frugi have been extremely supportive of my choice to continue breastfeeding Tabetha. They set up a private space for me to express in whenever I need.


What does it feel like to be a working mum?

When I first returned to work it was the strangest feeling! I’m a mum? I’m part time? Where is everything & who are all of these new faces??!

Starting back was definitely an emotional roller coaster of guilt, anxiety, worry that I wouldn’t be able to remember anything and whether Tabetha would actually take milk from a bottle?! Or sleep? Or be happy!  Luckily those feelings disappeared quickly.

It feels both amazing and exhausting being a working mum. Being able to develop my career and spend the majority of the week with my daughter makes me feel incredibly lucky.

What is your little ones favourite Frugi outfit?

 My favourite is the bee Orla outfit. We love it.


Thank you Emma, for coming along to have a chat with us, it was lovely to hear about your return to work and spend some time with the gorgeous Tabetha again xx


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