Download our ultimate Bucket & Spade list!

The ultimate ‘Bucket & Spade’ list has been revealed and it’s official, we’re a country of adventurers and den builders!

With summer around the corner, we’ve been on a mission to uncover the top 10 activities parents long to do with their little ones. We had an amazing response with over 1,000 families letting us know what adventures they want to embark on most.

The top ten were;

1) Hunting for Beach Treasure

2) Spending the Day on the Farm

3) Building a Den

4) Building a treehouse

5) Splashing in the pool

6) Swim in the sea

7) Dig in the Garden and Grow giant veg

8) Sleep under the stars

9) Ride a pony

10) Discover a new land


If you want to start ticking off your own ‘Bucket & Spade’ list with your little ones, please click on the image below to download Frugi’s very own list!










Have fun!!

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