Being a Frugi Working Dad

A few blog posts ago we shared what it was like to be a Frugi working mum, well, we thought we’d share what it is like to be a Frugi working dad!

During our mega fun, if not slightly chaotic, ‘Bring Your Little One to Work Day’ we had a chat with some of our lovely mums and dads here at Frugi about what life is like being a working parent.
One of the lovely dads we spoke to was our fab Warehouse Manager, Kai…


How long have you worked at Frugi, how many days per week do you work? (has this changed since becoming a dad?)

Roughly 8 years – I’ve worked full time throughout, this has only been possible due to my lovely other half Amie reducing her current work days to look after the children.

How many children do you have?

Two, the lovely little lady Harriet and the cute little lad Arthur

What’s the best bit about working at Frugi?

With the growth I’ve seen at the company there is certainly never a dull moment. The training provided for myself has been second to none.
Its great explaining to the new starters where we began and what we are able to achieve now. I genuinely look forward to what the future in this company brings.

What is your child/children’s favourite Frugi outfit/s?

Harriet – Anything loud and vibrant. (most of Frugi’s clothing ?)
Arthur – Anything he can match with the Trilby hat he currently refuses to take off

What is your favourite piece of Frugi clothing?

Love a good snuggle fleece for the children now, but for those with new-borns I found the gowns a revelation. So easy for the night feeds and no having to undo the poppers (Amazing how many times you have to go back and redo them once you’ve reached the top one)

Any funny dad stories you might have?

Harriet’s been very bright for as long as I can remember. She does however take everything literally.
I still remember the time I was getting Arthur in the car with Harriet pulling at my shorts wanting to get in first. I said “Bare with me”. That was it – She was off running to the other side of the thankfully quiet car park.
Once I secured Arthur and ran over to what was now a hysterical child she (Whilst sobbing) started asking where the Bear was. Cracked me up for the rest of the day.


We also spoke to Jaco, our Head of Ecommerce…


How long have you worked at Frugi, how many days per week to you work? (has this changed since becoming a dad?)

7 months

What’s your favourite activity with your little ones?

Playing on the beach while he chases seagulls. (One of his favourite activities in life!)

What is your child/Children’s favourite Frugi outfit/s?

Atlantic Printed T-shirt and Scilly shorts

What is your favourite piece of Frugi clothing?

Hayle hoody

Thank you to Kai and Jaco for coming along and having a chat with us!

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