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Following on from our previous post; the next children’s charity we want to tell you about is Pump Aid.

PumpAid work on a variety of programmes that provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene in rural and urban areas of Malawi. In some cases, they directly deliver the work through building pumps and latrines and in others they help establish small businesses to do it instead.

This year with the help of our customers we have donated an amazing £19,467.48 to help fund improvements to a childcare centre in Malawi.

We caught up with Margaret Newens from Pump Aid to find out how our donations are being used and how they have improved the lives of children living in Malawi…

With the support of Frugi, we have changed the lives of 112 children and 4 caregivers through the provision of sustainable sources of clean, safe water which are easy to access, improved sanitation and hygiene education; this has made a huge difference to their lives.

We have also given the community based children centre (CBCC) where we have worked the skills and knowledge to maintain their water source, ensuring it is sustainable and long-lasting.

Indirectly an estimated 200 people surrounding the CBCC have benefitted so far from the hygiene and sanitation work that has been carried out in their communities.
The improved health and nutrition of the CBCC in this project and the resulting reduction in waterborne diseases will reduce pressure on local health services, increasing the availability of clinicians and hospital beds for other communities.

In addition, the use of surplus water for irrigation will improve food security and increase the availability of fresh food for the CBCC.
Most significantly we know that once an individual CBCC has improved its life chances by access to safe water and the achievement of open defecation free status there is an upsurge among surrounding villages who are motivated to emulate their neighbours and to demand that these services are replicated in their communities as well.

You can find out more about the amazing work that Pump Aid do here >

This has all be made possible with the support of you our fab Frugi customers; every little thing you buy from Frugi helps to make a BIG change! 🙂


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