Behind the scenes of our AW17 shoot…


We caught up with our photography girls, Genna & Beth to find out what they got up to whilst shooting the current Autumn/Winter collection…

…including photo bombing Alpacas, ghosts, thunderstorms and cucumber sarnies.

Why did you choose Bochym Manor for this seasons collection?

We wanted somewhere truly magical to shoot our ‘Circus Of Colour’ collection and Bochym Manor certainly fit the bill. The grounds are absolutely beautiful with walled gardens, winding little pathways and amazing archways. We also had the option to go inside the house if the weather took a turn for the worse, which it invariably does in Cornwall!


The Family who own Bochym are so nice and super accommodating; which always helps manage the craziness that a Frugi photoshoot brings! We started every shoot with a morning cuppa in the family kitchen made by our amazing host Sarah!



What did you enjoy most about the shoot?

“We had great fun watching the kids play with our circus props; they all enjoyed themselves so much, which really came across in the video. It’s great having a videographer on the shoot with us, they always capture the energy of the day and those extra special moments when you think nobody is looking. The alpacas were also a star attraction on the day, and had us all in stitches; Alpacas would photobomb at any given opportunity.”Beth


“For me, it was really interesting to have a look around Bochym Manor; the actual house is steeped in history and is rumoured to be haunted! Sarah (the owner) gave us a tour of the house and gardens and explained how they are working tirelessly to bring the house back to its former glory.”Genna



How many children were involved in the shoot and how do you keep them occupied?

“We had about 12 kiddies per day over 4 days. We had lots of props for them to play with,  from a giant ball, a balance beam, hula hoops, juggling balls and even a tree swing. We always provide plenty of yummy child friendly snacks on our shoots, nobody needs a hungry toddler on their hands (or photographer!)”Beth




What was the biggest challenge on the day?

“As always, the British weather likes to keep us on our toes! We had a huge thunderstorm which started pretty suddenly; so we all ran inside to continue the shoot…which would have been fine; but then we had a power-cut! All we could do was sit it out and eat cucumber sandwiches”Genna



What are your favourite styles this season?

“Agh that’s such a hard choice; there’s so much I love this season, I think it’s one of our best so far! I’m loving the new Peek-A- Boo reversible dress, it’s full of character and really versatile, It looks great outfitted with the Toasty tights in Rainbow stripe; such a cute outfit”Beth


“I love the Elwood knitted jumpers, especially the one with the shark, perfect for wrapping up nice and cosy this Autumn.”Genna


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