It’s easy to fall in love with Frugi!

Kara is part of our Secret Squirrels club;  12 dedicated Frugi fans who spread the Frugi love far and wide each season!

We sent her children outfits from our recent AW17 collection to review. Here’s what they thought…

“I was a newbie to the world of Frugi when I stumbled across their website while searching for ethically-made children’s clothing. From their fun, child-friendly styles to their dedication to the environment, their employees, and making impact in the world through giving back, it’s easy to fall in love with Frugi.


For these particular outfits, I let my kiddos know we had a Frugi package on the way, and they were eagerly checking our mailbox each day to see if it had arrived!

My two boys immediately loved their applique shirts! My almost 5 year old is crazy about anything with dinosaurs. And a dinosaur listening to music while riding a skateboard?! So perfect for him! My 2 year old says “rawr! hat!” every time he sees his shirt, and they thought it was so funny that the back of the animal was on the back of their shirts. I love seeing my kiddos excited to get dressed in the morning!


My daughter loves to wear dresses, and she of course loved the floral print and pink cuff details on the Lulu Jumper Dress (and they have pockets!). Frugi clothing is always amazingly soft, comfy for play, and washes well. The sizes have a great chance to last two consecutive years depending on growth spurts!

We are looking forward to wearing these beautiful items throughout the winter and hopefully next year too.

As a mom, I am so thankful for a brand I can trust and clothing my children get excited about! We love Frugi!”

Kara is one of our Frugi Secret Squirrels, she is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Tyler, TX

You can check out more of her beautiful work  here


Products featured;

Joe Applique Top/Tiger

Joe Applique Top/Dino

Lulu Jumper Dress


  1. Vicki parker

    I found the skateboarding dinosaur

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    Skateboarding Dinosaur! ?

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    Hey Tony the (skateboarding) T Rex… I found you!!! ☺️

  4. Lucy Child

    Skateboarding dinosaur found, live the shirt ??

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  6. Joanne Austin

    Ooo, I spy Tony the T-Rex 🙂

  7. Carsten

    Da ist der Dino Skateboard ?

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    Ohhhh found the skateboarding Dinosaur – just another reason to love FRUGI ?!

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    I found the skateboarding dinosaur!

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    Found it! Woop woop. Great blog too.

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