Tips to help with Eczema in Children

Following a request from one of our facebook fans for us to explain why our organic cotton clothes are a help to children suffering with eczema ( our clothes are not finished with any nasty chemicals and of course they do not contain any pesticide residues. The cotton is beautifully soft and poppers are nickle free). We asked if any of our customers had any tips they could pass on that may help Eczema sufferers.

Well, we had an amazing response so we thought we’d note them all down so that others may benefit from their wisdom.

(Obviously these are our customer’s views and do not represent the views of Frugi – but you’re all clever enough to realise that we know, but I thought we’d better say it)

Here goes…

I’ve found this company, based locally to me but do online orders too….. they do lovely natural products designed by themselves because their little boy had eczema. I’ve got the hand cream which is lovely 🙂 (briaorganics)

Lush do a cream called Dream Cream which is fantastic

Drink raw milk?

Oh no, quite the contrary : avoid all animal milks by any means!!! (except breast milk) And use baby face-cream Neutral by LAVERA or “Cerat des Alpes” by ALPADERM or La Roche Posay products. Depending on how old the little boy is, you might even consider gluten-free food. Good luck to you, and courage to your little boy.

My little boy had awful eczema – he has been dairy free for 3 years now – its the only thing that’s really helped. Plus only using natural products and only bathing 1 x a week in plain water.

My little girl has horrendous eczema but we are gradually winning the battle WITHOUT steroids. To my mind, how is her delicate skin ever going to heal itself if we cover it in nasty chemicals. Instead we use a combination of wearing Frugi clothes during the day cos they are oh so soft and organic and I don’t have to worry that her clothes are causing it and pjs from a fabulous company called cotton comforts who make all in one seam free eczema clothing. I wash all her clothes with Eco balls which bring everything up lovely and clean and no point in buying organic clothes and then washing in a chemical powder! We use a cream called ecz easy that’s made at Roskillys in Cornwall and she has oat baths followed by moisturising in pure raw coconut oil. We’re keeping a food diary at the mo and also see a Homeopath but we are getting there!

 You could try avoiding scented laundry liquids and conditioners too. Use something natural like soap pods or Ecover/Earth Naturals that sort of thing. 
My Nephew had severe eczema, his was cleared by a homeopath

Purepotions skin salvation.

A cheap tip, put porridge oats in a blender to grind finely. Mix in a bath, good for chicken pox too.

Go to the doctors – if the creams you have don’t work get different ones, make a fuss and get refered to dermatologist if it is really bad. It took me a couple of months to find the right creams – go one called Vivaderm GP not heard of it but its paraben free and has a lot less chemicals than many creams Fantastic for one of ny boys does not work on the other ones excezma he has differnt creams and don’t be afraid of steroid creams used sparingly for short time they can help to bring things under control

Burts Bees Baby Bee Skin Cream – amazing. Better than anything GP could offer.

Plain water for bathing defats the skin making it dry and more prone to eczema so try and put some olive oil or natural oil (weleda do a good gentle calandula oil for babies) in with the bath water. And moisturise with a gentle lotion (we found the weleda one actually cleared the eczema by using it all over every time we did a nappy change).

Please consult with a doctor if/when removing major foods from a child’s diet. If a food allergy is the cause, it will often (but not always) show up in a blood test. Our youngest had horrible exzema as a toddler. Tests showed a bad allergy towards eggs.

Waitrose bottom butter is fantastic, and very gentle. We use it all over!

I can also recommend Green People products – some health shops stock, John Lewis or online company – free postage during December. Set up by a lady whose daughter had eczema. Do a ‘No scent’ range which is good, plus salves. Also not bathing too much & keeping the bath water a little cooler (too hot can burn the skin & make it worse). Dairy products can sometimes irritate -Goats milk & products have smaller molecules & are easier to digest – but depending on age may be best to speak to GP before changing diet – goats milk has same calcium content as cows. Was told by Dermatologist that many ‘eczema helping’ products like E45 & others contain lanolin which on some people can irritate. But that’s the oily bit that I guess on many people can help. I’ve also found it ‘stress’ related, as in stress on body – i.e. when unwell/teething/injections it flares up. And can recommend patience, can be very slow to get rid of – hope he gets some relief, it’s not nice :o(

My son had really bad eczema till he was 3 .now his flares up a bit when we bath him too many times a week or use different products.we really had improvements when we stopped bathing him every night and started using Aveeno Bath Oil. All the cream the GP gave us never worked!!! Also if the water in her area is quite hard,it will make the problem other people said,limiting dairy products helps this is a brilliant website run by a mum whose son had terrible eczema. Cannot recommend the beeswax and skincare balm enough.

also use eco balls to wash clothes with and white vinegar for a fabric softener alternative. If my daughters skin gets a whiff of normal washing powders or liquids the eczema is straight back.

My little boy had awful eczema as a baby. We kept getting prescribed stronger and stronger steroids until they stopped working. We managed to get a referral to the local eczema clinic- ask your health visitor if there is one near you. Everyone will have different views on which creams. For what it’s worth: don’t assume it’s diet without medical advice, as it’s just as likely to be contact eczema. Bathe regularly, to remove dirt etc that gets into the broken skin and aggravates the eczema. Whatever emollient you use, use it very frequently- 4-6 times a day. We were surprised about the bathing as we thought it dried the skin more, but as long as you follow immediately with emollient, keeping skin clean is best. We now only have to use steroid sparingly, and when we do, it is very effective, very quickly. Good luck!

does the weather affect eczema at all? since this cold snap, my little ones has really flared up 🙁

Limited baths, liberal application of Aveeno and regular visits to the homeopath.

 Oh and we stopped using detergent to wash our clothes and switched to soap flakes.

I’ve read that flaxseed can help.

 We had several prescribed ones , but Oilatum junior bath oil and moisturiser helped most. I also had been using stain remover spray on some clothes in the wash and this seemed to make it flare up too. Good luck.

Cream have their place in palliating – and I found spezia happy cream to be excellent. However we only got proper results and started clearing the excema after seeing a homeopath. The homeopath cleared it by about 80% within weeks and then my son got chicken pox shortly after. The remaining patches of excema cleared off along with the chicken pox

 A mix of sudocream & E45 worked for me. Good luck.

Burts bees baby bee stuff is brilliant

Weleda products all the way!

limited baths, avoid any products with perfum, essential oil or alcohol in them and we used only sure care washing powder and softner also organic cotton as no harsh chemicals in production… You May find it calms down as little one gets older my sons eczema seems to have eased he is almost 2 now

cold weather dries the skin out so it will affect eczema. I always increase my little ones moisturising when it turns cold to help.

 Spiezia based in Cornwall. do an amazing range of organic products, including a baby balm which is fab for nappy rash and any signs of unhappy skin. The Calendula ointment is amazing and good for ezcema. All totally natural and organic. Definitely worth a look – good luck. Also, keep organic cotton next to baby’s skin if possible – Frugi are the guys for this!

I echo the oat bath suggestion. Take a small handful of organic porridge oats, put them into the foot of an old pair of tights and tie a knot. Put it into the bath and use it to wash your child. Works wonders, and gives you nice soft hands! We use ecover washing liquid and pure cotton clothing. My daughter’s eczema is pretty much gone now, it only flares up occasionally. We also used to use doublebase when it was bad, which did seem to help.

my daughter’s wasn’t too bad but we cleared it up by oat baths every day, followed by pure aole vera gel several times a day. Don’t need to do it all the time now but If it flares up we just start again (to do oat baths, grind up oats, then soak fr around 20 mins and add the bath)

This is how I got my little girl almost eczema free:
– Dietary changes: mainly organic food, very little refined sugars, very little to no lunch meat (bologna etc.) as the preservatives used trigger eczema, using goats, sheep, horse etc. milk instead of cow’s milk might help. Be careful with highly acidic foods (especially fruit, of course)
– Clothing: mainly organic clothes. If not organic, at least high quality cotton clothes. Make sure that the child does not sweat too much as that makes them itchy.
– Lotions etc.: Anything that has no perfume, no preservatives etc. in it. I had to try quite a few until I found one that worked for Emma (doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive variety.Used quite a few expensive products and the cheapest one ended up working for her.) Make sure you apply this to EVERYTHING that touches your child body. Maybe try panthenol free stuff. Oatmeal bath help a lot (Aveeno is a good brand for those products).
– Cleaning supplies/Laundry soap: Same as for personal hygiene products. Make sure that at least the laundry soap is perfume etc. free. As for cleaning products, if you cannot find perfume free, at least use organic.
– Don’t know how old your child is, but let them play outdoors as often as possible. 
– I took Emma to a homeopath which helped a lot.
– Sometimes you will need to use cortisone and that is perfectly ok!!!!

Forgot sth. important: Avoid ‘white flour’ products and use whole grain instead. Emma reacts to wheat, so I use a lot of spelt products which works really well for us!

My baby boy is nearly a year old and has suffered with itchy skin since ten weeks. He sleeps in garments from cotton comforts with mittens and a hood. His lovely sleepgowns are no good as he uses his toes to scratch, so his legs have to be covered. Night time is the worst. We have identified certain foods as triggers, nightshade foods in particular, and cut these out of my diet when I was feeding, and his diet. Everything is washed with Eco balls or ecover. He has been seeing a naturopath and is improving but it is a long haul. I am very alarmed at the reports on steroid creams and emolients although we did try some creams when he was very bad. We waited months to see a paediatric dermatologist, the appointment was last week and he hardly had his coat off. I expected that he would be examined. I brought a memory stick and mobile phone with photos of his flare ups and she didnt want to know. She wrote out the cream regime and wasn’t prepared to discuss my concerns about long term steroid use- very unsatisfactory I felt. We are not going to collect the prescription. Good luck to the mum who wrote to you. I know how she feels. It’s very distressing for all the family. Thanks for putting this up and for all the helpful comments already

Dairy free worked for my friends girl from age 2. Switching to goats milk helped my husband. Hemp handcream from bodyshop helped an older boy we know. Hope you find something that works for your little one soon.

On a practical note turn vests, undies and pyjamas inside out so the seams don’t irritate skin – no one sees them, get a hat with ear flaps to protect face as much as you cold and moisturise lots and lots Please see doctor before you exclude things from diet:)

I’d agree with everyone who has already recommended medical advice before making major dietary changes. We’ve found creams a very personal thing – what works for one doesn’t always work for another so you may have to try a few. For younger children I can wholeheartedly recommend Scratchsleeves (google them or they are on here too). Worked wonders for us.

Cotton comfort mitten tops are a godsend for us! My little one no longer claws her skin to bits during the night & has been sleeping fantasic due to this.( We use frugi clothes for the day time & you cannot buy better bodies anywhere!!!) I think every child is different & you really will have to work through & find what works for you. Some people say bathing sparingly helps but we find aveeno baths every night works for us. We live in a rural location so it has been easier to get a specialist than when we lived in the city. My little one is also reactive to milk & milk products, very allergic to cheese & prob have to get her allergy tested soon. Excema really is horrid & it’s very hard to watch wee ones suffering with it. xxx

 Lots of omega oil foods in the diet helps x

I suffer with excema and its triggered by several things .I have to limit my dairy intake, I use Double base cream before and after washing (try not to bath but shower instead) sudocream is good but really stings so i only ocasional use it. Dust also really iritates mine. I have horse’s but as long as i wear gloves and keep fairly covered i can limit my skin exposure..

We used a brilliant cream called Pure Potions. I would highly recommend it. It worked wonderfully for my daughter and my nephew when all else failed.

weleda baby calendula moisturising cream worked a treat for my little lady

as a very bad excema suffer myself and my toddler, my advice is dont waste your money (as I have) on all sorts of wonder potions and lotions! best things ever, from doctors, Eperderm ointment and diprobase cream, huge tubes and can be used to wash in bath, and a medicated bath oil. Keep it simple, limit baths and MOST IMPORTANT stop the scratching, I LOVE there amazing things!!! as the most damage is done at night! STOP THE SCRATCH!!! and keep to non bio, no soaps and use organic no scratchy clothes like Frugi.

My little girl got a reaction to all the standard treatments and she was red and bleeding from scratching. I got a health for kids cookery book that recommended walnuts for skin problems, i made the biscuits recommended and within wks the patches had gone. Even now i make them everything there is a flare up and its calmed down. Happy to mail recipe if you contact me. Good luck.

Porridge oats in a muslin cloth in the bath and then Aveeno cream from Boots – the green one . If it works you can get it from your doc on prescription – it is th only thing that worked on my LO.

Really sympathise! We went to acupuncture, no needles! They show you a body brushing technique that gets the damp chi moving. NO DAIRY! And epiderm ointment teamed with tubifast top and tights and not being sacred of the steroid, they have their place. Goats and soy good substitutes for dairy and now we only have goat milk.

My daughter used Forever Living Propolis cream and it completely cleared it up. She only had it mildly though. But if ever it starts to come back we smother it in the cream and it is usually gone next morning. Expensive though, so try other options first…

THANK YOU so much for all your posts, my little boy is just 7 months. My HV has arranged for me to go and see a dermotoligist as she is un-happy with how bad it is when we have been trying to clear it up for 5 months. He is bathed every day (controvetial but we were trying to establish a bed time routine not that it has had much effect ) We use intraderm an eczema specific bath wash and then we use cetroben cream morning and night. MY HV has said we need to be doing this 5 times a day which seems impossible as I struggle to get him to stay still long enough twice a day. I have noticed he has extreme reaction to Egg and tomato and strawberry so I no longer give those to him.

 oops However we is now given 2 bottles a day of formula so not sure if that is helping ( we use an organic formula) . I also avoid other dairy’s as I have a bit of an intolerance to cow’s milk. Thank you again I shall be reading all these posts tomorrow and taking notes.

try a baby massage rather than a daily bath as your routine – you could use it to mask rubbing in his creams xx

My son had severe eczema for the first year of his life. Scratchsleeves helped to break the itch scratch cycle and minimised the blood carnage from scratching (they are like a bolero they can’t get off with a double layered mitt which makes it hard for them to get a good scratch – the top layer is softest silk, they are brilliant and we still use them when he has flare ups.) Looking back now, after an anaphylactic reaction to dairy, I think the casein (milk protein) was passing through my milk to him, and things started to improve probably three months after I cut it out of MY diet (he was still solely breastfed at this point) but it took a while to settle because it had got so bad. It’s a hard place to be as a parent too, I remember having very dark days with it just getting through – good luck and hope the scratchsleeves work – they are on facebook too!



  1. Vicky

    Strawberry and kiwi can have similar effects so watch out for that. Both aggrevate my boy’s ezcema. I stopped eating eggs and sesame (his allergies) while breastfeeding which also may have helped.
    Avoiding all detergent (his clothes are grubby but better than itching!) and soap. Aveeno lotion and cream has been great and we’ve got it prescribed so saves a lot. Also Dermal 2000 for handwashing when your son is bigger; it’s antibacterial and can be used as a wash or moisturiser – again prescribed. As others have said sensible use of steroids has been helpful. I’ve tried my fair share of organic bees wax/chickweed almond butter products but haven’t noticed an exceptional benefit over the Aveeno given the eye-water costs of some of these.
    Sad, but limit or avoid chlorinated swimming pools.
    You can get goat milk formula called Nannycare. Goat milk/cheese only I think has helped, but so hard to pinpoint anything as there’s always other variables such as weather and diet.
    Getting older! My lad is no longer allergic to eggs now he’s 4 and his ezcema has improved hugely, I part that’s down to my management of it as well as growing out of it.

  2. Kate

    My Son HAD eczema – Dermatologist diaognosed it a youth eczema and said he would probably have it until his teenage year – perscribed Steriod creams, which did not sit well with me. He was also Lactose free, partly for eczema, but also to help reduce the amount of mucus build up and help with his breathing.
    Tried a number of creams, but they did not work, his eczema legions arround his neck, wrists and anckles weeped and for a little one, he was very creative at how to scratch!!
    We found a balm called PURE POTIONS – Homepathic and organic + availible on NHS – IT IS BRILLIANT within 3 months his eczma has completely cleared up – no lumps underneath the skin and just before Christmas he was in a childrens books photo shoot where they put him in a bath – you would never had know he had had such horrific skin legions / sores from eczema.
    Had to fight my corner with the Doctor to get it perscribed, but once he saw the results he is happy to reccomend and perscribe.
    Saw the head pediatriction at the hospital, who at first did not endear to the balm, but once she realised it has tested by NHS and saw the before and after shecould not believe the results!
    Of course we still try to have an organinc foods + clothing (frugi) – but we are now introducing milk proteins at the moment with out any side effects so far.
    Could not reccommend PUREPOTIONS more – they have changed mine and my sons life!

  3. Fiona

    We changed three things all at the same time so I have no idea if one was more successful than the others but we’ve not had a bad bout of eczema since

    – goats milk
    – Aveeno cream
    – bamboo pyjamas (from an online company called Chatterpants)

    Touch wood, fingers crossed etc but it has worked for us. As others have said, I think different things work for different people. You can buy the Aveeno cream on Boots but you can also get it on prescription if you have a friendly doctor and other stuff hasn’t worked…

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  7. Jill

    Hi I am an adult who had childhood eczema in the 80’s and 90’s. just want to say how amazing all you mums are! I have been eczema-free since stopping using chemical detergents, cleaning products and eliminated processed food from my diet. I avoid all petrochemicals (they are in food too -please look at food labels and do a google search on chemical names). I make my own toiletries, cleaning products and detergents and when I can’t make, I buy what I need from Martha Hill, Neal’s Yard and Health Food Shops. Beeswax and grape seed oil ointment I make keeps my skin moisturised, its also lovely to use in regular massage. (I am trained in Indian Head Massage). Dr Bronner Baby Mild Castille Soap is amazing as a shower gel and I also use it round the house for cleaning. There are websites with recipes posted from lovely helpful people online if ur interested using it that way. Ecover is a wonderful cleaning brand and I use their washing up liquid mostly.
    I eat seasonal food local to my area (as much as possible). I hope to dehydrate food so it lasts 1-2 years and can eat what my body needs as prices of food have gone up. i try to eat as organic as possible and think that dehydrating organic seasonal food Could stretch the food budget economically. I hope this helps a mum and child out there somehow.

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