Gourdness gracious me!

Growing Gourds is a fantastic project for the kids to get involved with.

Sow the seeds in early spring and they’ll be ready just in time for Halloween next year!

Here’s how…

You can buy seeds from your local garden centre, or save the seeds from this year’s Gourds.

You’ll need to sow each seed into a small pot half filled with a soil or compost; as the seedling grows the pot can be topped up to encourage root growth. Keep them in a warm place, a windowsill is ideal. Keep an eye on your plants and before their roots get too big; transfer to a larger pot.


*Top tip* All squashes and gourds are water-lovers, so cut the bottom off an old plastic bottle and push into the ground at the side of each plant. Pour water into the funnel so that it goes directly to the roots of the plant


Once Jack Frost has gone you can plant them in a sunny spot in the garden and watch them grow! They’re very low maintenance so ideal for novice gardeners and little green fingers.

They should be ready to harvest by early autumn…perfect timing for making a Halloween display.


If you buy a mixed selection of seeds you can watch all the different types of Gourd grow!

One of our favourites is the Snake Gourd (unsurprisingly it looks just like a snake!)




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