Festive Frugi Gift Guide

We’ve wrapped up Christmas in a Fabulous Frugi gift guide, just in time for your Christmas shopping…

Here are just a few of our favourite picks…





  1. Wild Things Cord Bag £16  http://bit.ly/2BhF93e
  2. FireFly socks -£7.50 http://bit.ly/2iKP8Xb
  3. Froogli comforter £15 http://bit.ly/2A2W2QH
  4. Froogli soft Toy £25 http://bit.ly/2A2W2QH
  5. Froogli Soft Rattle £10 http://bit.ly/2mSBXYo
  6. Little Creature Applique Top £19 http://bit.ly/2jRI12q
We have introduced an extra sprinkle of Frugi magic this season…


Perfect for a special gift! (or if you have lots of kids and can’t remember their names!)


Personalised pressies make a lovely gift for a new-born baby, with blankets, tops and comforters; there’s lots to choose from.

Don’t forget to add your Christmas gift bag at the checkout!


Lots of lovely stocking fillers can be found on our Frugi website

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