Festive Frugi outfits

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

And what could be more jolly than a little one dressed from head to toe in Frugi on Christmas day?!

We’ve got fabulous festive outfits for all the little people in your family… from personalised baby blankets and perfect penguin crawlers to rockin’ red robins and the coolest moose socks you’ll find!



  Everything you need to dress them in their Frugi finest this Christmas!

1. Fern knitted dress £36 – http://bit.ly/2zu5yg

2. Firefly socks £7.50 – http://bit.ly/2hN6YI3

3. Firefly socks £7.50 – http://bit.ly/2hN6YI3

4. Enys cord skirt £28 – http://bit.ly/2B5HZHA

5. Erin applique Top £21 – http://bit.ly/2hYoDAq

6. Nyrah Applique Top £21 – http://bit.ly/2ApOg4A
7. Norah Tights £12- http://bit.ly/2hMTZpC


1. Bobby Applique Top £19 http://bit.ly/2Arkoov

2. Harrison Hoody £32 http://bit.ly/2Bh2PES

3. Cosy Jumper £26 http://bit.ly/2jh5TIM

4. Snuggle crawlers £20 http://bit.ly/2A1zXCO


1. Firefly socks £7.50 http://bit.ly/2iKP8Xb

2. Frugi Christmas gift box- £3.50 – add at checkout

3. Harry Printed Top £20http://bit.ly/2i0TMD4

4. Discovery Applique Top £21 http://bit.ly/2jQZdoQ



Lots more to be found in the Christmas section of our website


Happy shopping!

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