Supporting the Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Every year we donate 1% of our turnover to charity through our Little clothes BIG change project.

We support an orphanage in India, a children’s charity nominated by our customers and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.


Our donations help to fund the Cornwall Wildlife Trust ‘Living Seas’ project, an incredibly important marine conservation programme.

The project works to protect Cornwall’s seas in three ways:




  • Collecting data on marine wildlife
  • Creating awareness of the threats to marine life
  • Campaigning for better protection for our marine species and habitats.




Cornwall is a renowned hot-spot for porpoise, dolphins, whale, basking sharks and many other marine species, the CWT’’s ongoing Seaquest Sundays are helping to monitor and protect these wonderful animals.

Ghost porpoise by Cetacean Research Rescue Unit



“All year round Seaquest encourages the public to submit their valuable sightings. In 2016 they certainly delivered!

Compared with the last five years, there were a record number of common dolphin encounters in 2016, as well as our second highest number of harbour porpoise sightings.


Along with the common visitors to our shores, we are always delighted by rare sightings. 2016 provided one of our first in shore encounters with white beaked dolphins and the second sighting in 10 years of a ghost harbour porpoise.


We also had our second confirmed sighting of a bowhead whale commonly found in the Arctic. Humpback whales were videoed on the north and south coasts of Cornwall along with three sightings of killer whales.”

Katie Bellman, volunteer Seaquest Southwest Coordinator for 2017


Frugi’s donations help enormously with the Trust’s recording work and thanks to our customers we are able to continue our invaluable support. 🙂



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