Making a difference to children in Malawi

Every year we donate 1% of our turnover to charity through our Little Clothes BIG Change project.


You may remember that last year we supported Pump Aid, an amazing charity who support children and families in Malawi by working on a variety of programmes that provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene in rural and urban areas of the country


Malawi has 8,917 CBCC’s (Child Based Community Centres) (Action Aid 2013) where children aged between 3-5 years spend at least half their day, yet they often do not have access to water, or user friendly latrines.

While there has been a large focus on school WASH in recent years, pre- schools and CBCCs, they have not received anywhere near the same financial and program focus as primary and secondary schools. Last year Frugi donated £19,467.50 to Pump Aid to enable them to provide clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene behaviour change in two CBCCs in Malawi: My Journey CBCC and Chimatiro CBCC.


We recently caught up with the Pump Aid team and were pleased to hear that our donation has made a huge difference to the community.  With the support of Frugi, the Chimatiro community has been able to design and build revolutionary water and sanitation facilities that are comfortable for children to use with ease.


This means the building now has good lighting, hand-washing facilities, easy-use taps and access for children with disabilities, along with lots of other fantastic improvements. Currently the water source which is funded by Frugi is being used by over 130 people in the village, including a lot of very happy one to five year old’s who now know the importance of washing their hands.



Pump Aid have told us that The WASH facilities we have funded are a real motivation to community members and leaders. This means they can contribute meaningfully towards developing work at their Childcare centre and the community at large.

The construction of these washing facilities has incredibly eradicated incidences of water borne diseases within children in the community, meaning their parents have more time to concentrate on development in other aspects of their community.



Pump Aid would like to thank Frugi and its customers for the funding that has transformed the centre. We are thrilled to have had such an impact on this community and have loved hearing about the results of Pump Aid’s hard work!

A big thank you again to all our lovely customers for supporting Frugi; every little thing you buy from us certainly does make a BIG difference! 🙂


You can read the full project report from Pump Aid here

or visit Pump Aid’s website

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