Introducing the Guppyfriend!

At Frugi we want to do all we can to protect our planet.

You may not be aware, but every time you wash your clothing tiny fibres are released and make their way into our rivers, seas and oceans.

The fibres are extremely small and unfortunately sewage treatment plants cannot effectively filter them out.

Once in the environment, they are consumed by fish and sea creatures causing all sorts of problems for them… and ultimately end up in the food we eat…Yuck!

Plastic pollution in the oceans is one of the biggest environmental issues of our time.

So how does the Guppyfriend help?

The Guppyfriend is a washing bag that prevents microfibres from entering the sea by cleverly capturing them during the washing cycle.

Just pop your clothing in the bag and wash as normal.

After the wash simply remove your garments and dispose of any fibres….

After a while you can peel out a ball of fibers and discard it in the plastic recycling bin! How clever is that?!

Not only will the Guppyfriend save microfibres from going into the sea, it will prolong the life of your favourite Frugi clothing too. By washing Frugi separately in the bag it will stop agitation with other items helping to reduce wear and tear.

The Guppyfriend will keeping your Frugi looking fab for years to come!

Mary, Frugi’s fantastic Product Development Manager says…

“An estimated 1 million tonnes of these small micro fibres are discharged into waste water every year. Our outerwear here at Frugi is made from 100% Recycled polyester because it is durable, waterproof and fit for purpose, however we are not comfortable with microfibre pollution.

Selling Guppyfriend bags is a first step to reducing the problem whilst continuing the journey towards a viable solution.”

You can find Guppyfriend bags at

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  1. Lyndsay

    These look great, but just wondering, do you put the whole load of washing in the bag and wash as usual? Or just certain items? If it’s the whole load, what size load would it hold? And would enough wash powder etc get through the baby to clean the clothes fully? I use soap nuts usually, would they be suitable to use still? Thanks 🙂

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