Must have Muslins

Our beautifully soft organic cotton muslins have more to them than meets the eye!!

We recently asked our lovely Frugi Family what special uses they found for them… some are pretty surprising!!

We know our lovely organic cotton muslins are super soft on babies skin, they’re extra absorbent, lightweight and breathable but did you know they are great for all sorts of other reasons too? Our Frugi family members have been in touch to let us know what they use them for… check out this list!



Here are some super cute snaps of your little ones putting our muslins to good use!!


She has used her muslin as a comforter from day one. I used it as a cover when breastfeeding so I guess it was only natural that she finds it a comfort. – Bethan

We had one of your swaddle muslins which was the most awesome thing ever. Great as a lightweight blanket, to wrap a post swimming naked child in, to sit on, to wipe faces…the best ever! – Sheryl

My now nearly 6 year old daughter has ASD and SPD, since birth she has used the Buzy Bees and Star muslin squares as her only comfort, particularly the 2 tags that were attached to them!! – Helen

My son has about 6 Frugi Muslins. He doesn’t go anywhere without one. We love that they’re so soft, they wash so well and the prints are lovely. – Kat

She’s become quite attached to them and pulls them over her face to sleep, and cuddles into them. Also been used as blankets, sheets etc. They’re so soft and so pretty!! – Claire

Both my boys use their muslins or mim mims as they are known in our house as comforters ? – Danni

We love our muslin as a blanket and a comforter. – Carley

I used my Frugi Muslins as a light blanket for both his bed and the buggy during spells of hot weather..also perfect for peek-a-boo!! – Yvie

We love Peekaboo with muslins! The designs on the Frugi ones are brilliant for sensory stimulation too. – Emma

We’ve used ours as a make shift nappy 🙂 – Hazel-Ann

What don’t we use them for?! – Lisa

My little girl is 2 and is never without one! – Rosie

We think it has magic sleepy dust! – Liz

Have you got any new uses for muslins you can add to our list? Please comment below 🙂 Thanks
Please remember not to use our muslins as a sun shade over buggies etc. Temperatures inside an enclosed area, (even if only using a light muslin) can soar and put children at risk of overheating.

It’s a real danger – please make sure air is able to circulate around your child ?

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