Our new charity partners


We are really excited to say that this year we’ll be working with two new charity partners!

In Accra, Ghana there are an estimated 61,400 street children, these children are the target for human trafficking, physical and sexual abuse, psychological harm and child labour.

Girls represent 57% of street children and are not seen as a priority. Street teenage girls often give birth on the streets and have to leave their babies with ‘babysitters’ who are children themselves. Babies grow up without running water, nutritious food or regular changing. They have little or no education. 58.4% of street children have never been to school and twice as many boys go as girls.


In 2011 over 11,000 children under the age of 6 were living on the streets of Accra.

Chance for childhood opened the Kinbu Nursery, welcoming children aged 0-6y who are children of street girls and vulnerable young women living in neighbouring street communities.

Our support this year will give 170 vulnerable children the chance to be in a safe, loving environment and get a pre-school education.

Thanks to quality education and nutritious meals these children have a better chance to access primary school and break the poverty cycle.  They’d also get to play, laugh and be allowed to be children and learn valuable social skills they need for life.


You can find our more about Chance for Childhood on their website here


We’ll also be supporting an amazing community charity called Little Lifesavers

Little lifesavers are a national charity teaching CPR skills and management of choking children to children aged 9+ through schools and community volunteer groups.

The training enables children to not have to wait for an adult to help them in an emergency and empowers children to help when someone is in trouble.


They really can become Little Life savers!

In the UK the chance of a bystander performing CPR is just 10% compared with Denmark where it’s 90% and taught as part of the curriculum in schools.

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OOHCA) means there can be a long gap between the time the heart stops and the time CPR is started unless a bystander (a member of the public) intervenes. Once the brain has been starved of oxygen for three minutes or longer permanent damage can occur and every minute the heart does not beat the chances of success of CPR attempts reduces.


Little Lifesaver’s goal is to make teaching CPR to school children part of the National Curriculum here in the UK.


Our project with them will equip more groups nationwide with child and adult manikins plus all the necessary kit to deliver this training to more children.

You can find out more about Little lifesavers and find a group near you on their website here



Over the past 11 years we have donated £135,000 towards the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Living Seas programme.

Cornwall is home to some of the richest marine wildlife from tiny rare colourful corals to giant basking sharks, but our seas urgently need protecting. Cornwall Wildlife Trust runs an extensive marine conservation programme known as ‘Living Seas’.

With your support our donations will continue to help to fund the Trust’s important work.

The programme helps by collecting data, campaigning for protection and creating awareness of the dolphins and beautiful sea creatures who inhabit our coastlines.

You can read more on their website here 


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