A few changes at Frugi!

Hello everyone!

This is the oddest blog I think we’ve ever written.


As you may know, my husband, Kurt, and I have been running Frugi since we had the idea to make clothing to fit over washable nappies 14 years ago! Wow! What a journey it has been! We are really proud of the teams we have at our Cornish HQ, our guys ’out on the road’ throughout the UK and Europe, and of course our amazing manufacturers throughout the world. Frugi is a fabulous place to work, a bit crazy yes, but full of spirit, laughter and a clear sense of purpose.


That purpose has always been to prove that you can be successful when you run a company along green lines. To make this statement (and to make a difference to as many farmers, tailors and children wearing chemical free clothing around the globe as possible), you have to be a global player.  Kurt and I really feel that we now need some proper help to do that. The seat of your pants can only take you so far! So that’s why we’ve brought in some real experts, in the form of a company called ‘True’ and our new CEO Hugo Adams.


Meet Hugo!



True are specialist investors into the retail sector and are really making a splash with their hugely innovative approach in how to bring budding entrepreneurs, fast growing retail businesses and global retail partners together, to really push boundaries. You can find out a lot more about them here https://true.global. And see some great videos too about how they work.


Hugo’s hall of fame includes high ranking positions with some amazing brands, like the Body Shop, Dyson, M&S and most recently Superdry. He is incredibly talented, down to earth and fun. The team here have taken to him brilliantly instantly! We are however all a little scared by his fitness levels – he does triathlons! How long before we weigh him down with cakes and pasties?


With these guys behind us the future just looks so very exciting for us all, and we are looking forward to wowing you with even more stunning designs and clever products than ever before!


What does this mean for Kurt and I? Well it means we can take a little step back from the demands of being 100% responsible for running a fast growth business, which has always been a 24/7, 365 days a year commitment. Many of you know we’ve had a rocky time with Kurt’s prostate cancer diagnosis and while we are supremely grateful that he is now in remission, it has taught us that life is very fragile and short and we just want a little more time to spend with our two boys and “live” life some more.



We are still shareholders in the business however, and I will be taking a role as “Brand Ambassador” making sure Frugi stays, well, “Frugi”! True are totally committed to our core beliefs too, so this is just about making sure we keep being the brand that YOU want us to be! I’m very excited as I get to do all the most fun bits (and a lot less of the more serious/boring stuff!) but don’t tell Hugo or True that! ?


Finally, we just wanted to say a massive thank you for supporting us so amazingly over all these years – it’s been a roller coaster at times, but it’s always been fun. We are so proud to call you all our Frugi Family. You have been our heart and soul and we are really happy that you are coming on this next phase of the journey with us, it’s going to be very exciting!!! Watch this space!!!


With Love


Lucy and Kurt xx

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  1. Spela

    Dear Lucy and Kurt,
    thank you for your fabulous work, clothes and you attitude. Big step for you, hopefully an imperceptible for us, Frugi lovers.
    Enjoy your new era,
    a very frugi regard from Ljubljana

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