Help us to protect our oceans!

Over the past 13 years we have been supporting the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s ‘Living seas’ programme. Our donations help them to fund research and protect the beautiful marine animals who live around our Cornish coastline.

This month the Trust are working on a very important campaign, and they need your help!


The Cornwall wildlife Trust want to support the government in creating a ‘Blue Belt’ of special zones around the whole of the UK, giving our marine life the protection it deserves.


What are Marine conservation zones?

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Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ’s) are like the nature reserves of the sea.

These precious underwater havens are protected from damaging activities, allowing marine life, such as dolphins, sea horses, urchins and coral, to recover and thrive.

Pink Sea Fan coral

The MCZ network is known as a ‘Blue Belt’ around our coast, which connects our marine wildlife. This Blue Belt not only protects rare and threatened species, but a whole range of ‘typical’ habitats and wildlife that we need for healthy seas; everything from colourful corals to deep sea muds, and all the cool creatures in-between!


Right now, there are 50 designated MCZs around the UK. This is a great start, but more are needed!


The UK Government has now announced its ambition to create 41 more MCZs in the seas around England, which will bring us up to 91 sites.

How can we help?

Public support plays a vital role in the Government’s final decision so everyone that loves the sea needs to vote!

Without these special protected sites, some of our most rare and vulnerable marine wildlife – from seahorses to living reefs – will remain at risk.

Please add your #WaveOfSupport here today by following this link –


The campaign closes on the 20th July 2018.




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