World Breastfeeding Week (1-7th Aug 2018)- 1/7


This World Breastfeeding Week we wanted to chat to real mums about their own experiences of breastfeeding.

So, throughout this week we'll be sharing inspirational stories from mums about their own personal breastfeeding journey. Some who found it hard to breastfeed, some who couldn’t or didn't breastfeed, and some who found breastfeeding an absolute joy...there's no judgement here, just honest stories from real mums like you (and us) 🙂

I had my first child at 21. I had a difficult birth resulting in 4th degree tear and colostomy bag. I felt like a failure because I had not delivered him well like every other person I had known to give birth. Determined to succeed I breast fed him that first week in hospital. Failing because he was 9lbs 11.5 oz a hungry boy and my milk had been extremely delayed due to surgery and general anesthetics and the concoction of drugs. I felt like a failure on day 8 when we switched him to bottle. As it turns out it was the best decision for us. I was able to recover and he thrived on the formula. My second child via planned section at 25 I was determined to breast feed. As much as family insisted I should switch when it got hard I persisted I successfully fed her until 22 months. Both of my children thrived. Each journey was different and I do not regret a thing ❤- Natasha

My little boy was born in Sept 2017 at 35 weeks. After 15 days in hospital for prolonged jaundice, sepsis and bowel issues we still hadn't got the hang of breastfeeding. He also had a tongue tie that was shipped twice but didn't greatly improve things. I was determined to keep him on breast milk and thought I'd be able to get the hang of it once I was in my own environment. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it wasn't meant to be but 10 months down the line I am still exclusively expressing and my little boy has received only my milk. I have also donated 17 litres to another baby in need.

I have an app that I use to keep track of pumps and since October 2017 I have expressed 276,235mls and spent 27days 23hrs and 46mins pumping! I'm incredibly proud that despite the difficulties I do still breastfeed!

I feel there should be much more support for breastfeeding out there. I had no idea that expressing was a viable option and although it's been hard work, it's had some major advantages for me. I've been able to leave my little boy with his Dad while I have to go places. My husband feels it has enabled him to have a closer relationship with his son as well as carry equal responsibility over his care- Sally

I successfully fed my daughter until she was 5 years old. (Now 6.5) And fed my son until he was 4 (Now 4.5)
I tandem fed them both also and throughout pregnancy with my son.

I'm 34 weeks pregnant now with my 3rd and my son only stopped as my milk dried up at 16 weeks.

I absolutely loved breastfeeding but there were definitely ups and downs! Fear in public, is it okay to feed here? What will people think if they see a 2 year old feeding? Should I cover up?
A lot of the time it was easier to hide in the car/toilet/baby changing room!! The struggles of guilt of when to stop.... With my daughter I started saying no as I felt drained by it. I still feel guilty now but she's never even mentioned it!

The positives though! snuggles, the boob makes every thing better! Milk drunk! Healing a sick or hurt child... I'm so excited to do it all again soon. It really is so very special.- Emma

Thanks for reading...We'll be adding more breastfeeding stories tomorrow so make sure to check back! 🙂

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