World Breastfeeding Week (1-7th Aug 2018) 2/7

Throughout the week we're sharing inspirational stories from mums about their own personal breastfeeding journey.

Some who found it hard to breastfeed, some who couldn’t or didn't breastfeed, and some who found breastfeeding an absolute joy...there's no judgement here, just honest stories from real mums like you (and us) 🙂


Before I fell pregnant, none of my friends had children. Somehow 3 of my friendship group synced up and within 3 months of each other we became mums.

The thought of feeding made me feel awkward, although I knew I wanted to do it. I could say I breastfeed for the health benefits but the truth is, I hate washing up. Sterilising and prepping milk sounds like a faff!
Anyway, I was last to give birth and was fortunate enough to have amazing mummy friends who supported me in our own little 3am club...We were all giving it go, making it up as we went along.

None of us found it easy. 1 friend was nursing 2 premature boys, pumping in-between to cover the night feeds when she wasn't there, the other was battling PND and coming to terms with the overwhelming emotions that come with being a new mum. For me it was the panic and hysteria around post natal weight loss. I made it to a fortnight, then 6 weeks, and even 12 weeks and at some point I stopped making targets. I fed and still feed responsively and have a happy and healthy 13 month old. I have also come to love feeding.

I think championing breast feeding and celebrating it reminds mums just how far they have come and how amazing their bodies are. It also supports the mums who are struggling and shows them that it will get better!- Lottie

I wanted to share mine and my son Alexander's breastfeeding story with you. We didn't have a great start together after a traumatic birth. Hours after being born Alexander fell ill and received a course of antibiotics followed by some time in an incubator. As he was so weak and unable to latch onto me, I found myself expressing what little colostrum I could to syringe feed him and supplemented this with formula. It was rather stressful and very time consuming but it helped to build his strength up so we could then begin our breastfeeding journey.

I completely underestimated just how physically and mentally difficult breastfeeding would be in the beginning. Cluster feeds and sleepless nights made for one unhappy and tired mummy. I persevered through tears, toe curling pain and exhaustion.

Thankfully things turned around and it soon became a lot easier (and pain free!) for us both. Once I started to see my hard work pay off, it made those early days so worth the trouble.

We're now 4 months in and I can honestly say that breastfeeding is the most rewarding and magical thing I've ever done in my life!
- Steph

We've only just started ours really (8 weeks ago) and I'm in love. There's just something magical knowing my body is making the only thing needed to feed this tiny life. After a tongue tie and some painful feeds I feared I'd give up. But 8 weeks in and the end is no where near in sight!- Alison

Thanks for reading...We'll be adding more breastfeeding stories tomorrow so make sure to check back! 🙂

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