Creating little life savers

Every year 270 children die in the UK after suffering a cardiac arrest at school.

In October each year, charities, ambulance trusts, volunteers and training groups all join together with one common goal…


To train as many young people as possible in CPR.

As part of our Little Clothes BIG Change project this year we are supporting an amazing charity called Little life savers.


The charity teaches CPR and vital lifesaving skills to children aged 9+ through schools, communities and volunteer groups throughout the UK.



Learning these vital skills could save the life of someone you know and love.

Within the last year and a half, the charity has created over 3,000 Little Life Savers!

Sadly child choking is very common, if all children (and adults) knew how to help with basic lifesaving skills many more little lives could be saved.

Did you know?…

  • If you were to collapse in the street having a heart attack you’d have a 10% chance of a bystander delivering CPR, compared to Denmark where it’s 90% and taught in schools.


  • 60,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests occur every year in the UK and without immediate treatment 90-95% of sudden cardiac arrest victims will die!


  • Evidence suggests 1 in 4 people could survive if all young people were trained in life saving*


In 2017 Little Life Savers undertook a training course to the Year 5 Pupils at Manor Field Primary School, teaching our 5 core training skills of Child Choking, Child CPR, Adult Choking, Adult CPR and the Recovery Position.  Summer Terry one of the Year 5 pupils being taught the BLS Skills was at home a week after the training course and her younger sister began to choke on a crisp.  Summer administered several back slaps as taught and managed to clear the obstruction.


Summer Terry being recorded showing how she performed back slaps on her sister


Below is a testimonial from the Head Teacher at the School:-


Watching the children learn about this important life skill was an absolute pleasure; the instructors pitched the level just right and the children were completely engaged and eager to learn throughout. The session was well-resourced and gave children a real hands-on experience that will no doubt stay with them for a long time to come. Only a week after the training, one of our Year Five pupils put their knowledge into action to help her little sister who was choking on a crisp. Thank you Little Lifesavers for creating a true little lifesaver!’  Manor Field Primary School , West Sussex




In November 2017 Little Life Savers undertook a training course to the Year 5 & 6 Pupils at Birchwood Grove School, teaching our 5 core training skills of Child Choking, Child CPR, Adult Choking, Adult CPR and the Recovery Position. In September 2018 Imogen Huggett was with some friends eating soft mints and laughed and the soft mint became lodged in her throat.  She went to the prefects who unfortunately did not know what to do but fortunately one of the children that had been taught the BLS skills at Birchwood Grove School managed to administer Back Slaps and clear the obstruction.

Sally Baldwin, Teacher at Birchwood Grove School



This week Frugi staff have been learning how to save lives…

Keiran from Little Lifesavers paid a visit to Frugi HQ to tell us all about the impact our donations would have on the charity and teach Frugi staff how to perform CPR. Our donations this year will be funding equipment, manikins and will help to set up new groups throughout the UK.



To find a group local to you or if you are interested in being involved in setting up a new group, please visit the Little Life Savers website here.


(*BHF, based on secondary school implementation)



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