We care what children wear!

When Frugi was born we decided that we’d strive to be as ethically and environmentally responsible as possible, and we still work to these same values more than a decade later!

We want the best for our planet and for you, that’s why our cotton had to be organic, it’s better for everyone from the farmers who grow it to the little ones who look so ridiculously cute wearing it!

Frugi clothes are all certified by the Global Organic Cotton Standards (GOTS) and the Soil Association



Whenever you see the GOTS logo you can be confident that not only the product is certified organic but the company are too!
 No nasties...
No Nasties… 
We don’t use chemicals commonly used in textile processing, and we don’ t allow any pollutants which can destroy our eco-systems.

This means happier farmers and factory workers, and a happier planet.


As part of our GOTS certification our organic cotton is grown using 71% less water than conventional cotton.*

Organic farming practices create healthy soils which make better use of water inputs and are more resilient in drought conditions. By eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, organic cotton keeps waterways and drinking water safe and clean.


Our Dyes…

We always look for the best low-impact dye options available to us.


Our dying and printing process is in accordance to GOTS which means everything we use to dye and print fabrics meets the highest environmental and toxicological standards.


You can read more about how we work with our suppliers on Planet Frugi  here

*source- www.global-standard.org


Great news…

Frugi clothing lasts for generations so can be passed on to siblings or donated to the charity shop, we love seeing the same Frugi outfit being worn again and again..


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