What to buy when you’re expecting?

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby can seem a little daunting with the vast amount of information out there on what you need to get, but is it all essential?

We wanted to find out from the very source, so we asked our Frugi Family, an amazing group of mums and dads on Facebook who have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things babies and parenthood!


We posed the question “What did you buy when you had a baby that you couldn’t live without?


Here is our top ten list of what to buy when you’re expecting as chosen by our Frugi Family:


1. Baby Carrier, Sling or Wrap:

Baby wearing has become more and more popular and there are many brands that offer lots of different products. The most mentioned by far was Tula, who offer fab baby carriers and ring slings in an array of sizes, shapes and colours!



Don’t forget your Frugi Snuggle Suit when baby wearing. Made from super soft organic cotton brushback with stretchy rib cuffs and a fully lined hood, it will keep your little one warm and cosy when you’re out and about!






2. Co-Sleeper:

Another product that was mentioned a lot was the Chicco Next2me, which allows baby to sleep along side you but still have all the protection that a cot offers. With handy ties that keep the cot secured to the base of your bed, this cot zips open on one side allowing for easy access to baby in the middle of the night, making it ideal for night feeds!




Use this co-sleeper with the Frugi Sleepy Baby Gown, from our super cute My First Frugi collection, and you’ll have the ultimate combo in easy night time nappy changes too!







3. Organic Cotton Muslins:

These little squares of cotton are truly magical, it’s a fact!


All parents will testify that Muslins have so many uses, some pretty normal and some you just wouldn’t believe…


There are so many uses that we had to write a whole other blog post just to pop them in, why not check it out here?






4. Thermal Bottle or Mug:


A product that was mentioned a lot, that probably wouldn’t spring immediately to mind when thinking of essentials for a new baby, was a Chilly’s Bottle or Tumbler.


However, having a decent thermal bottle or mug is mega handy when looking after a newborn as it keeps tea or coffee hotter for longer, which is a rare thing when in the early stages of parenthood. It’s also fab for keeping water cool and easy to hand when breastfeeding!


These bottles are perfect for buying before baby arrives too, as they are great for keeping hydrated during your pregnancy.





5. Feeding Pillow:

Whether you’ve decided to breastfeed or bottle feed, a feeding pillow makes the whole experience that little bit easier. The product that was mentioned a few times by our Frugi Family was the My Brest Friend nursing pillow which is specifically designed to make sure that both mum and baby are super comfy!





With a fab back support to stop you from becoming sore or stiff, this pillow wraps all the way around so you can maintain a good position while feeding. There is also a handy pocket on the side for you to pop anything you might need, such as a bottle of water or toys!


Remember to pop on a fab Frugi Nursing Vest Top, with it’s clever integral feeding layer and handy nursing clips, to make breastfeeding your newborn a breeze!




6. Reusable Wipes:

With the war on plastic becoming more of a global problem, it is with no surprise that one of the most talked about products were reusable baby wipes.


Specifically mentioned were the brand Cheeky Wipes who offer all-in-one starter kits that contain everything you’ll need.


On their website they ask you to “…think about every disposable baby wipe you throw away.  In 2007 almost 21.3 million tones of waste ended up in landfill in England…” – now that’s rubbish!





7. Blackout Blinds:

Another product that was suggested were blackout blinds, as they are great for helping settle your little one during the day or the early evening when it’s still light outside. They are also good for helping your little one to differentiate between daytime and nighttime.


Our Frugi Family did not mention a specific brand of blind, but we’ve found this fab one from The Gro Company.


The Gro Anywhere Blind is a portable blackout blind making it ideal for home or simply pack it up into it’s own carry bag when you go off on your travels!





8. Nipple Cream:

A product that popped up multiple times was Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream, which is great for soothing cracked skin and sore nipples that can occur when breastfeeding.


Having won many, many awards over the years, this nipple cream is made with no additives, preservatives or chemicals making it safe for both you and baby!





9. Bottle Prep Machine:

If you’re bottle feeding your little one, then the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine is likely to become your best friend!


Appearing multiple times throughout the list, this prep machine helps you to prepare bottles easily during the day or at night. The machine will heat the bottle to room temperature and in less than two minutes too – a perfect bottle every time.




Don’t forget to pop on a My First Muslin Bib when bottle feeding your baby, they’re super absorbent making them great for catching any runaway drips!






10. Baby Bath:

And the last product, but in no means least, that the Frugi Family suggested as a must have for new parents was the Schnuggle Baby Bath!


Designed to last from newborn to over 12 months, this baby bath has a clever bum bump in the base to support baby while bathing. There is also a fab foam backrest that helps keep little one warm and the rubber feet stops the bath from moving when baby is splishing and splashing.





And after that bath…

Make sure to wrap baby up after the bath to keep them warm and cosy. Our organic cotton My First Babygrow is ideal as it is super soft and delicate on their sensitive skin.










Featured Product Images:
  • Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrierlink
  • Chicco Next2me Light Greylink
  • Chilly’s Tumblerlink
  • My Brest Friend Nursing Pillowlink
  • Cheeky Wipes Reusable Cloth Baby Wipeslink
  • The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blackout Blindlink
  • Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Creamlink
  • Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machinelink
  • Schnuggle Baby Bathlink

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