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Christmas is hygge’s time to really shine. When everyone gets together and takes some time to relax and enjoy some yummy food, cosying up with a festive film. So of course with it being the inspiration behind our Autumn/Winter ’18 Lost Kingdom collection, we’re super excited about the festive season coming up!

In Denmark, where our hygge inspiration comes from, they even have a special word for Christmas-hygge: julehygge!


The Danes share many of the same Christmas traditions with us here in the UK. We go big on food, decorations and can’t be without a Christmas tree. But every family, whether in Italy or Iceland, has their own traditions that simply can’t be missed… it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them!
Here are some of the bigger Christmas traditions from around the world…



Little ones in Germany put out their shoes in anticipation of a visit from Nikolaus every 6th December, who leaves them yummy treats like sweets and chocolate!

Nikolaus is not to be confused with Weinachtsmann (Father Christmas) who drops by on 24th December.



Lucia Day is celebrated with a girl dressed in white wearing a crown of candles (electric ones for youngsters – safety first) singing Christmas songs.

Celebrating Saint Lucia, an Italian martyr, she brings light and song on the 13th December. The festivities include delicious treats like ginger snaps and lussekatter – saffron-flavoured buns shaped like sleepy cats!



Columbians kick off the Christmas season with Day of the Little Candles or Día de las Velitas, celebrating the Virgin Mary on December 7th. Candles, paper lanterns and electric lights are used to decorate homes and streets with beautiful displays, and the celebrations continue into the evening with fireworks, food and music for a good old boogie!



Lots of people in Venezuela go to early morning mass at Christmas. The twist on this tradition comes in an unconventional and really fun choice of transport to and from church… roller skates!




For thirteen days in the run up to Christmas, thirteen mischievous troll-like characters arrive one by one each night and leave gifts for children! These cheeky pranksters are called the Yule Lads, who live in the mountains.

Naughty children look out… bad behaviour earns you a rotten potato!






We’d love to hear about YOUR traditions! What do you look forward to doing with your family each year?



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