Our shiny new award for sustainability!

Please pardon a small amount of trumpet blowing, but we’re rather excited!

On Friday 30th November we were awarded with ‘Best Managed Large Business’ and ‘Best contribution to sustainability through Cornwall’s brand’ at the Cornwall Sustainability Awards!



As an ethical brand it’s amazing to be recognised as a company that’s doing a good job to improve our own sustainability as well as positively impact the environment here in beautiful Cornwall.


According to the judges, we were chosen…


…not only because of their wide ranging environmental initiatives and achievements, but also because of the clear evidence that was provided to show accountability and engagement with the agenda at the highest levels of management within the organisation.



Amanda and Katie were at the awards to celebrate and collect the fab trophy! Photo: Cornwall Sustainability Awards


In other words – everyone at Frugi works their bottom off to be as sustainable and responsible as possible, in all areas of the business! Go team!


This year has seen us creating our very own ‘ Green Committee’ here at Frugi HQ. This lovely bunch of Frugi bods meet regularly to discuss all things Green at Frugi, including encouraging staff to recycle, turn the lights off and avoid single use plastics.


Since Frugi was born in 2004 we have always believed passionately about caring for people and the planet and we strive to be completely ethical, honest and transparent in everything we do.

Ensuring our suppliers are operating at a high ethical standard and creating the right environment for the people who work for Frugi is very important to us. As a brand we are constantly working on improving our ranges, packaging and processes to be as eco conscious as possible.









You can explore Planet Frugi and read all about our green credentials here. 




Most importantly…



Without you lovely lot supporting us by choosing ethical clothing, we wouldn’t be able to wave around this absolute beauty of a trophy (a Kurt Jackson X Leap eco-trophy, no less) so thank you for helping us to prove to the world that you can be a successful AND ethical business!



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