Creating Frugi magic!

Did you know…

Frugi outerwear is made from post-consumer recycled polyester? That’s the plastic drinks bottles that you throw out in your household recycling! How clever is that?!


Last year we re-used over 500,000 bottles to create our fab outerwear range, from Puddlesuits to Packaway jackets, it’s all 100% recycled!

But how does this magic happen we hear you ask? …well ponder no longer, here’s how we turn single-use plastic into something truly Frugitastic!






Our Outerwear expert, Mary explains why we choose to use recycled Polyester for our outerwear collection.

Why recycled Polyester?

It was a big deliberation for us how to make outerwear that was functional, fit for purpose and would last for generations enabling it to be handed down! Using the recycled PET route was really important to us. Discovering that we could make a beautiful Frugi product that also helps tackle our plastic pollution crisis was fantastic sustainability is high on our agenda here at Frugi. Wherever possible we always use 100% recycled fabrics.


How do Frugi  make sure the manufacturing process is ethical and sustainable?

We use GRS (Global recycle Standard) certified yarns in all of our recycled Frugi fabrics, and visit our supply base regularly to conduct our own audits.

I went out to visit our partners in China in October, we firmly believe in working with our partners to help them to grow as we grow.


What is the next exciting eco innovation for Frugi?

We are always trying to challenge ourselves and each season we source and research new developments. We have lots of exciting plans for the future…currently firmly under wraps! 😉


What can we do to reduce micro-plastics and help the environment?

We can all do our bit! From sorting your own household recycling to making more thoughful choices when shopping. I’d recommend using the GuppyFriend bag to wash your clothes in as both cottons and man-made materials shed fibres when they are washed. The bag acts as a barrier keeping the tiny fibres from going into the water system and polluting the ecosystem.

New for AW19! Backpacks, lunch bags and pencil cases!

This is how many bottles it takes to make our accessories…

Made with recycled polyester and in fun colourful Frugi prints, our backpacks, lunch bags and pencil cases are great for school and adventures!

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