Why won’t my baby sleep? Frugi’s guide to bedtime

To celebrate the launch of our gorgeous NEW organic cotton bedding range we are talking about the topic on every parent’s mind…SLEEP !

How much sleep do children actually need? How do you encourage good sleeping routines? What do you do if they simply refuse to snooze….?

Believe it or not… The average person spends about a third of their life asleep! Whilst we are asleep our bodies are working to replenish energy stores and repair cells. Our minds are working hard to organise memories from the day to re-energise and support learning.

The amount of sleep you need depends on your age, health and sex and sleep cycles will change as we grow older.

The Nap is king!

Sleep is so important for good health, and for young kids to get enough of it, having a snooze in the day is usually necessary.
Essential physical and mental development occurs when we sleep so small children really need to get in some good quality z’s…easier said than done we know!


Naps help to stop children becoming overtired, which we all know can be very hard work for everyone! If they miss a nap it may make it harder for them to fall asleep at bedtime….And of course nap-time gives parents a chance to have a much needed break, or to catch up on the mountains of washing or housework (yawn!).


“There’s no one-size-fits-all answer regarding how much daytime sleep kids need. It all depends on the age, the child, and the sleep total during a 24-hour period. For example, one toddler may sleep 13 hours at night with only some daytime catnapping, while another gets 9 hours at night but takes a solid 2-hour nap each afternoon.


The key to good napping can be as simple as setting up a good nap routine early on and sticking to it… Soft music, dim lights, or a quiet story or rhyme at bedtime can help ease the transition to sleep and become a source of comfort for your child.”


And so to bed…

Frugi’s beautiful bedding is made from dreamy 100% organic cotton


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We asked Lynda Harding (creator of Ewan the Dream sheep) if she has any pearls of wisdom that she can share with all the sleep deprived parents out there?

Hi Lynda! What inspired you to create Ewan the dream sheep?


The early days of parenthood are typically associated with sleepless nights and crying babies. In the main, this is simply due to the baby’s feeding patterns, but some newborns do struggle to adjust to their new environment. I found this with my sixth child, Bradley, and found it was a nightly struggle to settle him to sleep. I discovered that one of the most reliable ways was to dim the lights, switch on the vacuum cleaner and rock him while he was in his cot … he would be asleep within minutes! After searching the shops, I couldn’t find a replica anywhere, so made it my mission to invent a range of products that would not only help soothe restless babies and toddlers, but also promote the formation of a healthy sleep pattern, so everyone could benefit from a good night’s rest. For years I researched the problem, canvassing valuable input from sleep experts, university departments and medical professionals. I also consulted with the baby care industry and product design teams and, of course, surveyed many parents with young babies. After seven year’s my first product, the now famous Ewan the dream sheep, was born.


How does Ewan work?


Designed to recreate the soothing sensation of the womb, Ewan emits soft sounds and a calming pink glow to reassure babies and toddlers. There are four soundtracks to choose from; vacuum cleaner, rainfall, harp melody and the womb. Each of the sounds are recorded at a low bass frequency, similar to that experienced pre-birth and is combined with the recording of a resting heartbeat to help little ones settle. The light and sound displays feature a 20 minute timer with automatic shut off, saving parents the inconvenience of having to get out of bed to switch Ewan off. He also makes an excellent travel companion, attaching easily to cot bars, pushchairs or car seats using his Velcro tail, perfect for family holidays and overnight stays when little ones needs to see a familiar face.


Is there a scientific reason explaining why white noise induces sleep?  


Yes,  Paediatric research has proven that white noise similar to womb and heartbeat sounds are extremely effective at helping reduce Colic induced pain and induce sleep, as they remind your baby of the natural soothing environment of the womb. This ‘womb experience’ helps trigger a calming reflex, so reducing crying time and inducing quality sleep.


Any tips for sleep deprived parents out there? 


Get a routine

Get into a good routine. Bath, Bottle/Boob, Bed. Dr Ewan’s 3 B’s ha ha, slightly tongue in cheek but you get the idea. It’s never too early or too late to have a good sleep routine, and that goes for the whole family. Make sure your little one knows when it’s bedtime, and don’t be tempted to skip it for any reason. Even if you’re running late, a shortened version can still work just as well and as long as the order of events remains the same baby should be settled and calm when it comes to going down for a sleep.

Prioritise Sleep

Make your house the perfect environment for sleep; draw the curtains (blackout blinds are good for summer evenings), make sure the bedroom is the correct temperature and turn down the loud TV. Some babies are light sleepers and even if you think your baby is not, there are so many things that can wake them. So look at your evenings and assess how important sleep is to you all. You can obscure household noises by using a baby sleep soother as part of your bedtime routine. Make sure bedtime is at a reasonable hour. Make sure they have been fed, have a clean nappy and are in comfortable clothing. And most importantly, make sure you prioritise sleeping.

Keep the house calm. Keep it dark. And keep baby asleep! If your baby is not sleeping well, make it a priority to find out why.


Do you receive fan mail from grateful parents?


Yes, it is always so rewarding when we receive fan mail from parents who have used Ewan and have adopted him into their own flock! To hear positive feedback about how he’s helped soothe and settle little ones is incredibly humbling and spurs us on to develop new products which can provide comfort to the whole family at sleep times.


Thanks Lynda! x


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We know that sometimes getting your child to actually go to sleep can be a huge challenge…Feel assured that you are not alone!


We asked our 7800 Frugi Family members– what has been the most unusual thing you have done to get your child to go to sleep?


Here are a few gems!…


With my 4 month old who is teething and is struggling to take naps I put her in the sling and ballroom dance around the house…I hold one hand and use the other to support her neck and head ? another unusual one is I gently bounce her in the sling whilst my partner plays his guitar and we both sing ‘we love you yes we do’ over and over again –Autumn


I used to bounce her gently on my knee and hum the ants went marching. For weeks Ed Sheeran was the song of choice. Other half sings the Pokemon theme tune to her and she falls asleep ?. Also the bricklayers song. –Hayley 


Going up and down the stairs. When he was tiny (like 1 month), it guaranteed him falling asleep. Only had to go up and down about 8 times. Was great for post-Natal exercise too- Emma


I co-sleep and feed my 16 month old to sleep – she will take both my hands and put them on her head/over her face. It’s how I know she’s falling asleep.
A friend of mine says she was put to sleep by her father rocking her vigorously with Led Zepplin blaring. Her dad said it was foolproof– Sarah


Squats! Literally hundreds on a bad night. I sleep really well once I get him into his cot and I’m back in my pre-pregnancy jeans!- Katie


Read all of the comments here!




Just so you are aware…

We are not Doctors, we make children’s clothing… so this blog post is not intended as medical advice. Always consult a medical professional or physician before treatment of any kind.

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