Spring has Bloomed at Frugi!

Our beautiful new Spring/summer collection for mums has arrived!


With stunning prints inspired by the beautiful flora and fauna on the Isles of Scilly, our range is cleverly designed for bump to breastfeeding.


The new range features flattering maxi dresses that have clever layers that allow mum to breastfeed, classic nautical stripes and easy to wear beach dresses.

Our favourites include…

Super soft and comfy loungewear for relaxing in 🙂

Our gorgeous Border Print Smock Dress – with a fab Scillies scene inspired full border print on the front and back with 3 button fastenings down the front for breastfeeding access.

Wear it with our Dress cardi complete with a fun Scilly inspired applique for a fun summer’s day look.

We’re bringing a splash of Frugi colour to the beach or pool this summer with our brand NEW Swimwear!

Colourful cozzies with extra bump support that co-ordinate with little one so you can both have fun in the sun!


With a UPF 50+ rating, our swimsuit has soft gathers on the sides for growing bump and adjustable, multi-way shoulder straps.


Introducing Modal…A fab new fabric this season

A new fabric featuring in our Mother collection this season is Modal

We have used a mixture of 60% organic cotton with 40% Modal for our new Draped Modal Top.

This is a new flattering design that drapes over your bump, the front panel can then be moved to one side for easy access feeding.

Modal is a new fabric for Frugi, chosen for its amazing breathability, absorbency and durability.

It’s a natural, sustainably sourced fibre that comes from beech trees!

Modal feels stretchy, silky, and is so soft next to your skin…perfect for maternity wear. It also has natural antibacterial properties.

To celebrate the launch of our new collection for mums, we caught up with Frugi’s mum, Lucy Jewson, to ask her what it was like being a mum to two boys and running a successful business.

An interview with Lucy Jewson (Frugi’s mum) 

Frugi founder Lucy Jewson was originally a marine biologist.

While on maternity leave for her first child Tom in 2004 she wanted to use cloth nappies for environmental reasons but soon realised one slight problem…they gave the babies that wore them a much bigger bottoms and finding clothes to go over the bulky nappies was a real challenge!

…and so the idea for a ‘Cut4Cloth’ range of clothing was born.

Lucy and her husband Kurt gave up their jobs, re-mortgaged their home and put everything in to making it work.

Fourteen years on Frugi has grown to be the UK’s leading organic childrenswear brand, selling in 28 different countries, with over 500 stockists worldwide.

We caught up with Lucy to have a chat about taking that leap of faith and what it’s like to be a mum boss!


What’s it like being a working Frugi mum?

It’s a massive juggling act where you always feel that you are compromising something…work or the kids!  However, I know that I needed the mix and variety, I don’t think I would have made a great stay at home all the time mum when the kids were small. It was too hard!!!  I’ve had lots of chats with them now they are a bit older and asked them whether they minded that I was a working mum and they’ve actually said they are really proud of what we’ve managed to build, which has settled the guilt pangs a little! They always had one of us though, I just felt a little sad that that was nearly always Kurt going on the school run instead of me.


How did you manage the daily juggle of kids and running a successful business?

Luckily since the summer I’ve been able to be a little more part-time at Frugi, so I am finally able to do that school run and make sure that on week days they are getting their 5 a day!  I’m not sure that my eldest (about to do his GCSE’s) appreciates the increased nagging to study though!  When I was full time though I did a lot of shopping online – my Riverford box was a saviour, I used to judge how good a mother I’d been by how much of it I’d managed to use come the end of the week!


I’m very lucky that Kurt has always been great with the kids, and although he also worked at Frugi, he was the one that did all the pick ups etc back then.  I’ve always been really lucky in having a fabulous team around me too, lots of whom are also working mums, we all appreciate the stresses and strains each other are under!



Did you experience any ‘Mum guilt’ when the boys were little?

Hugely! To the point of tears on many an occasion. Us mums beat ourselves up so much trying to be everything to all people.  I feel hugely lucky to finally have more time to “be” with the kids. In fact Sam and I have just made a sausage dog out of old Frugi scraps! It feels really good…even if the sausage dog looks a bit on the iffy side! 😉


Any tips for mums thinking of starting their own business?

I stupidly thought I’d have more control over my work/life balance by starting my own business. I can’t sugar coat that, if you want it to really work, you don’t!  I take my hat off to anyone who manages to do this without it consuming them 24/7.  I always made the absolute most of the weekends with the kids though and we tried to do special things to create memories at holiday times.  What it does give you though is some flexibility, to attend sports days/parents evenings etc, which is great.  I would just say if you’ve got a great idea, research and research it, ask as many people as possible what they think, would they buy it, how would they improve it? Etc.  Don’t just rely on people close to you…they may be being too nice!  BUT if you get through all of that background prep, and it still seems a sound idea, then go for it heart and soul.  Don’t do it half hearted, trying to keep all options open. You won’t be able to give it 100%, and that’s what it takes to make it work. I always do the rocking chair test…come end up, when the sun is setting on your life, will you regret not giving it a go…if the answer is “yes” then go for it!!!  Life is short and you can always go get another job if needs be.

What do you do to relax?

Well finally having got a little more time, I’ve just got a horse after 25 years of not having one! So looking after her feels lovely, and of course looking after our ex battery chickens, growing our veg etc…I finally feel like I’m getting properly grounded again. It’s wonderful!

Which women inspire you?

I’m loving the impact that Greta Thunberg is having on the world at the moment! Isn’t she amazing? Addressing world leaders about climate change…out of the mouths of babes.  Ellen Macarthur is pretty awesome! I love that incredible bravery and tenacity she’s shown in her sailing career and then to use her standing to set up her foundation campaigning for a more circular economy, it’s fabulous and is making a real impact.  Have to say I also have a real soft spot for comedians like Dawn French and Sandy Toksvig, sometimes you just need to take life a lot less seriously!

Thanks Lucy! 🙂

We’ve created some colourful Mother’s Day cards featuring a couple of our favourite Frugi friends that you can download and print out in plenty of time for Mothering Sunday on the 31st March!

We’ve even made some that your little ones can colour in… perfect for that extra special touch! ?


Click on the images below to download your chosen design, print out and fold in half:


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