Top tips for dressing newborns

We know that first time parents can find dressing their newborn baby a little bit daunting…How do you get those tiny arms and legs in (and out) of a babygrow?..

How many baby vests do I actually need to buy?

How many layers should my newborn wear?

What should they sleep in and how will I get them dressed without tears?

These are all questions we, as Frugi mums and dads, have asked ourselves!


To help with the answers our fabulous Frugi Family members have shared their top tips, we’ve chatted to a Registered Health Visitor to get expert advice and we show you a trick with an envelope neck vest that's a GAME CHANGER!

Frugi babygrow and hat

Jane Walker is a Registered Health Visitor and mum to three boys. We caught up with her to find out the latest expert advice.

Jane walker registered health visitorHi Jane, thanks for sharing your professional know-how with us. So, tell us about wardrobe essentials for newborns – what should first time parents buy?


Well Frugi was my first thought! But on a more serious note, items should be soft, breathable, stretchy, well fitted and clean. It is really important the baby is comfortable and able to move freely and also that it fits so that the baby cannot wriggle inside the clothing or end up with loose fabric over their face.


Baby grows and vests are a must; they are easy to put on and off and can be washed over and over. I would say at least 5-7 of each depending on how many times you want the washing machine going. They are also great for slinging in the change bag without taking up loads of room. It’s really important to keep an eye on the neckline as often they can become damp through feeding or little sicks which if left could make the neck area bit sore.


Frugi organic cotton muslinsIn my opinion you can’t have enough muslins as they are so useful, not only for mopping up but I used them when breastfeeding as I felt more comfortable with a muslin loosely over us. They can be used also if you have to change baby somewhere and you want to ensure baby is on a clean surface. They are also a great cover on warmer days as many babies feel more comforted with something over them.


And scratch mitts are great but I would suggest not applying them all the time as some babies are comforted by being able to touch and feel their face, and many also use their hands when breastfeeding. If baby is scratching try to trim the nails.


Each baby is different though and as parents get to know their newborn they will be more able to plan how much clothing they are likely to need each day or even hour. And remember, babies grow quickly so they will not be in the same size for long!


And isn’t it true that babies can’t control their own temperature?

Yes, babies cannot control their own temperature so are reliant on us - babies need to be kept warm but it is also very important that they do not overheat. As a general rule of thumb, babies need one more layer than you are wearing. They tend to have cold hands and feet so always check the core temp by feeling the chest or back. Remember to remove extra clothing when you come inside from outside even on a bus, train or car seat.


A newborn baby wrapped up in a blanket is a classic one – what is the best type of blanket to use?  

Cellular blankets are fab for newborns. They are soft, durable, washable and have tiny holes making them safe for night-time use. Some parents choose a sleeping bag type product and with this option and it is very important to select the correct size for your baby. The sleep sack needs to fit well around the chest to prevent or reduce the risk of baby slipping inside it. Think about what you are wearing or using in bed and apply the 'one more layer' rule. No quilts, pillows or cot bumpers should be used below the age of 12 months and room temperature should be between 16-20oc. The Lullaby Trust is an evidence-based organisation that has fantastic information on bedding, blankets, temperature control and safe sleeping.


Should baby clothes be washed before use?

Baby skin is very sensitive so it is a great idea to pre-wash anything that will be in contact, ideally with a non-bio sensitive detergent which is said to be gentler on the skin. In reality this isn’t always possible though, especially being a busy new parent, so I do not think it’s the end of the world if you don't.


All in all, there are so many dos, don’ts and judgements. I’m a big advocate for happy mum, dad and baby, so mostly I support families to do what works for them! 

Great advice Jane, thank you!

From wrestling with poppers in the middle of the night to putting vests on back-to-front, our Frugi Family members have had their fair share of hilarious moments! Here they share some of their top tips on dressing newborns…


I wouldn't buy anything with buttons on the back, not only are they challenging to get on, they aren’t comfy for little one during nappy changes if you’re out and about with a thin mat. Claire Young


Don’t bother with elaborate outfits- trying to wrestle a tiny, delicate new baby into a pair of skinny jeans is neither fun nor practical! Laura Reed


Buy babygrows with integrated mitts, because after the first wash I never had a matching pair! And the baby grows that had a different coloured popper on the bum so you knew it was the right one! Lucy Hanna Drewery


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The game changer...

We've all been nestle in for a cuddle with your beautiful newborn, feel a rumble in the bottom area and you just know… this is going to be messy!


Frugi Buzzy bee baby vestA poonami typically happens at the most inconvenient time, like when you’re just about to leave the house (already running at least half an hour late) or when you’re at a friend’s house and you’ve forgotten the baby wipes (Note to self; NEVER forget the baby wipes!)


If you didn’t know, a poonami is a bottom explosion of epic proportions, no nappy can withstand this badboy…


Here comes the tricky part…You need to get your darling baby out of their vest, but how can you do it without literally covering them head to toe in baby poo?  This is where the envelope neck vest comes to your rescue…


The flaps on the neck are there to make it easy for you to simply pull the vest down instead of up and over...Thus avoiding the need to pull the dirty vest over their head! Genius!


It also works when dressing them again, put their legs into the neck hole and simply pull up. 🙂


Frugi baby vest in buzzy bee print

Frugi Buzzy Bee baby vest

Frugi Buzzy Bee baby vest

Frugi Buzzy Bee baby vest

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