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AW19 Outerwear collection

We gifted Sarah and Helen coats from our new AW19 outerwear range and asked their kids to put them to the test!  Here’s what they thought…

Frugi Tester 

Name: Sarah Burnett

Children: Annabelle 4.5 and Milo 2.5

Annabelle is wearing Explorer Waterproof Coat in Sail Blue Fly High  size 5-6y
Milo is wearing Puddle Buster Coat, in Polar Play  size 3-4y


"Firstly the coat is a perfect choice for my 4 year old who attends Pre-school, the jacket is waterproof and the ideal thickness for our lovely English weather, it's slightly padded without being too thick so I feel happy enough she will be kept dry and warm on the rainy days and school runs.

The print was fab, my girl loves aeroplanes but wouldn't of worn it without the pink splash. Usually aeroplane prints don't have the pink element so this jacket is the best of both worlds. I am totally for gender neutral prints however my daughter loves everything pink and sparkly and we all know how strong minded 4 year olds!

I love the reflectors on the jacket and the fact that the back hangs slightly lower than the front. It makes it a great length for her.

The coats sizing I would say is slightly smaller the most companies so Annabelle tested the 5/6 (and she is tall 4 four and a half) which fitted perfectly."


"We went for the Arctic themed print purely because he loves penguins!

The yellow inside is such a lovely contrast to the blue outside and I would happily use this print for boys or girls, my daughter would look fab in it too. The jacket again I think comes slightly smaller than some brands with Milo wearing a 3-4 (he's 3 in September).

The coat is perfect for summer, spring and autumn weather and the material feels fab. The print is so nice and colourful too. I really like the pockets on the jacket as Milo likes to gather lots of treasures on our walks.

Both jackets have been tested in terrible rain and we've both kept lovely and dry, I like that they have zips, poppers and velcro so that they can be closed up even if not zipped!


I can't wait to get the matching accessories now!"

Frugi Tester 

Name: Helen

Children: Jessie and Jack, 8 and Luke, 4

Jessie – wearing our Explorer Waterproof Coat in 8-9y
Jack – wearing our Toasty Trail Jacket in 8-9y
Luke – wearing our Puddle Buster Coat in 4-5y

"For my older son, age 8 who normally refuses to wear anything but an Arsenal coat the whales was a good choice as not too ‘baby looking’ in his words.

I loved the colour palette again and the design is fab and good for all ages.

The best bit about the toasty trail jackets for me is how small they scrunch up in a bag. With summer coats they are often on and off in the rain showers and being able to pop it in a bag and then get it out again when needed and it still look fab is a bonus.

I like that it’s not ridiculously thin and sticking to your arms when wet as some summer coats too. Having that thin layer of wadding makes it perfect in my eyes as the temperature in England usually drops a bit when rain falls anyway."


I especially loved the choice for my youngest son age 4. It was really hard to choose but decided on a puddle buster and the rhinos just won out over the arctic print and in real life it’s lovely, the green is gorgeous and I love that they are actual rhinos rather than rhino characters.


I think the puddle busters are excellent for young children, the hood works well and they are easy to do up, teamed with the Frugi waterproof trousers and wellies they will withstand any amount of puddle jumping (my youngest regularly checks this out) they add a certain amount of warmth too and we wore a puddle buster a fair bit in the winter months as well as the summer.


"The explorer coat we tend to use more in autumn/winter but given the appalling June weather it’s had a fair bit of wear already both out and about and on the school run.


My daughter (also 8) I struggled with a bit more to choose but we went with the waterproof explorer coat in the pilot print. If I’m honest, and this is the only slight negative I could find I wasn’t too sure about the flowers on it. You don’t find many in the sky and the pilot and cloud print alone would be lovely without them but it does add a certain brightness to it and didn’t bother my daughter one bit who absolutely loves it.

We have had all 3 types of coat before and love the fact that they are made from plastic bottles. That is a huge plus for us as the twins have been learning about saving the planet at home and school so they were pleased too!"


Jessie was particularly impressed with the reflective bits and we talked about why they are on the coat. This has the nicest feel of all the coats both inside and out I think and looks really snugly.

Wish they made them in adult size!"


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