A chance for childhood, Thema’s story

This year we are supporting Chance for Childhood through our Little clothes BIG change charity project. We have recently donated £43,134 to the Kinbu nursery in Accra.


Kinbu nursery gives many young children the childhood and future they otherwise would never have had. Young children like three-year-old Thema.


At the age of just 19, Ashantae gave birth to her first child – Thema. Her life was tough in northern Ghana. The third wife of a much older man, Ashantae struggled to provide for her child. So, with her baby daughter, she ran away to Accra in search of a better life.


But things weren’t easy in Accra either. Thema and her mother found themselves living on the streets, which are no place for a young child. They’re dirty and dangerous, but there was no other option. Ashantae and her baby spent the nights out in the open, near the market where Ashantae found work as a ‘Kayayoo’. As a porter carrying heavy loads on her head around the market, she might earn a few pence a day to feed herself and her daughter.

Ashantae told us, “I was tired all the time. Often I couldn’t get work because people don’t want a Kayayoo who carries a baby.”

Thankfully, Ashantae found out about the Kinbu nursery through one of our outreach workers and was able to enrol her daughter. At three years old, Thema was malnourished, dirty and couldn’t eat well. Her clothes were ragged, and she had no shoes. She cried most of the time and didn’t play with the other children.

Then the Kinbu nursery, supported by Frugi, did something magical. For the first time in her life, Thema was given the care and attention that she deserved. At the nursery she learned rhymes and songs, she played games, heard stories and took part in activities like colouring in.


Six months after arriving, Thema now smiles.


She has started to communicate too, and the three meals a day she receives have made her healthier and happier. Her mother Ashantae can earn more money while Thema is at the nursery during the day, meaning she can give her the food, clothes and shelter she needs.

Without the support of the Kinbu nursery, Ashantae and Thema’s story might have turned out very differently.


But because of Frugi and their customers’ support, Thema has the happy and safe childhood that she deserves. Thank you!





Every time you shop at Frugi you help make a difference to the lives of children and their families. Over the past 15 years we have donated more than half a million pounds to charity!


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