Frugi celebrates International Day of Charity with some amazing news!

Thanks to our amazing customers we have been able to make a whopper of a donation to charity!

Every year we give 1% of our turnover to charity through our Little clothes BIG change project, this year we have been supporting Chance for Childhood, Little lifesavers and The Cornwall Wildlife Trust. We are pleased to say that these partnerships will all continue for another year 🙂


We caught up with all three of our charities to find out how our donations so far have been used.


The Kinbu nursery in Ghana is an essential lifeline for mothers who work on the streets of Accra, enabling them to make a living with the peace of mind that their child is fed, safe and happy.

Our latest donation to Chance for Childhood makes the total donated this year a fabulous £43,134!


We caught up with Beatrice from the charity to find out how our donations are helping.


“61,500 street children live in Accra, Ghana’s capital. On the streets, young children are vulnerable to sexual abuse, human trafficking and child labour.


The support of Frugi and their customers is making a tremendous impact by providing these young children with a safe and loving environment. They support the Kinbu nursery, which keeps young children away from the streets and gives them a quality pre-school education as well as three nutritious meals a day.


Read a case study from a parent whose child attends the Kinbu nursery



Little lifesavers are a community based charity teaching children aged 9 and above CPR and vital life saving skills through schools, groups and clubs in the UK.

With the help of Frugi’s donations new groups have been set up in East Sussex, Northern Ireland, Northumberland, Oxford, Leicester and Halifax.


We heard from a member of the newly set up Halifax group; 

We have become involved in Little Life Savers for the same reason. We both learn basic life support skills as we are health care professionals. When we realised that the outcome from life support is significantly improved in countries where it is taught to school aged children we wanted to make a difference by starting locally.

We initially contacted our local primary school where our own children attend and spoke to the headteacher.  She was very receptive to the idea, as have been the parents and teachers.  We will initially be teaching 24 children in Year 6  (age 10-11) over two sessions. If this is successful we will arrange a session for Year 5 (age 9-10).

This would not have been possible without the funding provided by Frugi to purchase the equipment required to deliver the training.”


Our donations this year total- £37.860! yippee!


Read about some exciting news from Little lifesavers

Over the past 13 years Frugi has been supporting the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. From research projects to staff volunteer days, our support has helped the Trust in lots of different ways.


‘We all love dolphins and together with Cornwall Wildlife Trust we are helping to look after these iconic animals as well as Cornwall’s seas’.

Frugi’s donations help to fund the Trust’s ‘Living Seas’ programme, and their dolphin conservation projects in particular.  This work helps to protect Cornwall’s dolphins and porpoises in three ways….by finding out about where these animals are and how they use our waters; by raising awareness of the threats they face; and campaigning for better protection for these amazing animals in Cornish waters. This involves various projects including Seaquest, the Marine Standings Network, and the Banana pinger project. Ruth Williams, Marine Conservation manager at Cornwall Wildlife Trust


Find out more about these projects 


Our donations to CWT this year came to a fantastic £31,237!!


Alongside these larger donations we have also helped loads of  schools, preschools, hospitals and local fundraisers by donating to raffles and events. If you’re organising a fundraiser please email…we may be able to help! 🙂


Here are the lovely ladies who work at our local hospital in Truro receiving some Frugi outfits for the neonatal ward. We loved being able to help them spread the Frugi love to some teeny tiny newborns.


Frugi staff  volunteer days

As part of being a Frugi staff member we get a paid day off to volunteer for a charity!  a few of the marketing team recently helped the Cornwall Wildlife Trust clear

Everyone at Frugi is treated to one day per year to spend volunteering for a charity…Recently a few of the marketing team had an absolute blast volunteering with Cornwall Wildlife Trust at Pendarves Wood Nature Reserve.

We rolled up our sleeves, grabbed a scythe and cleared around the tree-guards of recently planted saplings to help with their healthy development ?? It felt good to get out of the office in the fresh air and make a small difference.


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