The Frugi Swish!

Did you know that every year in the UK we throw away 300,000 tons of clothing?!

And that a massive 183 million items of outgrown baby clothes are tucked away in UK homes destined for landfill*

We think Frugi clothes have a brighter future, which is why we want everyone to dig out their outgrown Frugi clothes that have been squirreled away... and join in the Frugi Swish!

Either by holding your own Swish or attending an event. Swishing parties are a fab way to update your child's wardrobe and help the planet at the same time, by swapping your outgrown clothing for someone else's you get to recycle your old clothing for something new (to you)!

Last month we held a trial swishing event with local Frugi fans to see just how it all works. We had a brilliant time and everyone went away with some fab finds!

Using the feedback from this event we've put together a handy guide to help you hold your very own Swishing event!

Download our handy guide to holding your own Frugi swish! Including posters, invites and social posts to help you promote your event and get swishing!


We'd love to know how your swishing event goes, don't forget to share some pics on social media using the hashtag #SwishFrugi

Frugi fan and Eco Blogger Kate Arnell loves a good clothes swap!
"My friends and I used to bring any clothing we no longer wore over to each other’s houses and swap with each other which was great fun! I think when it comes to baby clothing as well as choosing brands that use organic cotton, it’s great to buy second-hand as babies and children grow out of things so quickly, often they’re hardly worn. I actually managed to find several Frugi items second-hand at my local charity shop. I was thrilled to discover that they cut to accommodate the extra bulkiness of cloth nappies. I have also received donated clothes from friends as well as finding a few pieces on ebay. I think the idea of swishing baby clothes is a great idea… in fact, I have a pile ready to go waiting at home! He’s growing so fast!"
One of the great things about Frugi clothing is that it's built to last! Outfits can be handed down from generation to generation and still look Frugitastic!
If you look after your Frugi clothing it also has a brilliant resale value.
We chatted to a lovely group of ladies who have created an amazing Frugi Facebook buying and selling page called 'Frugi UK - New & Preloved', giving second hand Frugi clothing a brand new lease of life!



Hi, please tell us a little bit about yourselves and your family...

Claire - Mother to 3 children; twins and a singleton. If I was to list a hobby, mine would be Frugi ... I found Frugi through Tamba 4 years ago and fell in love with the designs; my children loved the softness of the cotton too.  In our group, we created a special place where our USP is that we genuinely care and take time to help our members in the best way we can.


Caroline - Married to my childhood sweetheart, we have two daughters aged 11 and 3.  The discovery of cloth nappies for our younger daughter naturally led me towards a complete obsession with Frugi.  When I’m not juggling home life and being ‘Mummy’s Taxis’ for the ever-increasing list of activities/clubs, I fund my Frugi addiction by working full time as a Senior Procurement Specialist.  Life’s super busy but also filled with love, laughter and beauty.




Mother of one daughter with enough Frugi to clothe 3 more, employment law geek, married to a coding nerd.  Lover of Frugi and gin, serial stasher, seizer of all matchy-matchy opportunities, and guilty pleasure wearer of leopard print...!


Jodie - A mother to one amazing little girl, a willing slave to two cats, and a wife to a husband /partner of 26 years.  By day I am an Engineering Geologist and by night a Frugiciple . I was introduced to Frugi in 2015 at the Frugi shop in Helston and I bought the multicoloured cat cord dress which has been my girl’s birthday dress every year and will be until she no longer fits.  I love the page because not only is it a Frugi B/S/T group, it’s also a family.  We help and support each other in celebration and commiserations.  Most importantly, it keeps good ethical clothes in circulation.  It’s the opposite of fast fashion!


Amy - I’m a stay-at-home mum of 4 and very soon we will be welcoming baby number 5!  I enjoy spending time with my ‘tribe of trouble’ and although being a mum can be challenging I truly love it.  I found Frugi when my second child developed very irritable skin and so our organic journey began.  I’m now a self-confessed Frugi addict and my three little ones are often resplendent in full Frugi attire.  I’m excited to start my next little one’s journey with a wardrobe full of beautiful Frugi too.  The  page has put me in touch with some people who have become true friends who are very dear to me - all because of our mutual love of Frugi.


Helen - Currently on maternity leave from my job as a lion-tamer/educator/nurse and psychologist, otherwise known as a Nursery Key worker!  I’m now adjusting to life as a stay-at-home mother to 3 Frugi-clad children: a dino-obsessed 4 year old boy, a 2.5 year old mud-monster girl and a 9 week old baby boy who has completed our family.  We found Frugi when searching for something to fit over our daughter’s massive cloth bum!  Now our wardrobe is 99% Frugi because we adore the colours, softness and ethics of the brand.


Hannah - Married to Tom and full-time mother to two beautiful girls.  I first discovered Frugi through a friend and it spiralled out of control from there; mainly whilst up doing the night feeds with my first born!  I loved how the clothing was so colourful but soon fell in love with the ethics of the brand and how gorgeously soft everything is.  Constantly singing; I’m a coeliac and serial napper.



Tell us about the resale group, how does it work?

The group is way more than just resale.  Since its birth in 2017, we have built it up slowly and carefully to over 17,000 members.  We have designed clear rules and try to ensure everything runs with a healthy dose of fun and laughter.  Our ethos is similar to Frugi’s in many respects.  We are all committed to bringing up our children with values of kindness, generosity and a passion for supporting and protecting our planet for the future.  By securing a viable second-hand market with a decent resale value, we aim to give these beautiful clothes a longer lifespan.  Frugi’s amazing colour palette enables mixing and matching across the seasons for an even more diverse range of outfits and the potential to create a wonderful unique look.


What made you start a resale group?  

We are all rather obsessed with Frugi clothing!  We wanted to provide an environment for other like-minded Frugi fans to buy, sell and swap new and used Frugi clothing without any drama and unpleasantness.  The group has become a haven for many a frazzled parent/caregiver.  We wanted it to be a safe, friendly place for Frugi fans to chat about Frugi; exchanging parenting/ Eco tips and to just have fun.  We run special item search nights (Frugi Come Find With Me). These have been very successful at bringing joy.  We have our own Fairy who visits those who need some happy post.  We are now in our 3rd year of our famous Bake-Off competition which celebrates our members’ talent and innovation inspired by their favourite clothing prints.



Are there any challenges in running such a large group?
We’re all working Mums so yes, managing such a big group is a huge commitment but we all love it.  So much so that we launched two spin-off pages for other organic brands and also for high street clothing that may match with Frugi or can be sold in bundles to help to fund more Frugi!  We scrutinise every profile that asks to join, to protect our members and to try to weed out anyone who may not compliment the group ethos.  We also check every post to ensure it complies with the group rules.  The group rules are there to protect our members and to help unite people with their dream items by utilising a set format for easier searches using metadata.


How do you work out pricing for 2nd hand?
Firstly, we don’t restrict pricing.  We’re all adults and understand the basics of supply and demand.  An item will only sell if someone is willing to pay.  If we’re asked for pricing advice we do some research and check what the item has sold for recently and also take into account size and condition.  It’s all clearly explained in our rules.  Secondly, maintaining a decent resale value is important to us to ensure Frugi clothing keeps true to its ethos and doesn’t become ‘throwaway’ fashion.  If the item is well cared for there’s no reason why it can’t bring joy to several families and we’ve had fun on the group tracking the progress of some of the classic styles.


What motivates you to run the page?
We love the happy ending when someone is united with their special item.  We love a random act of kindness (RAOK) - to see the joy it brings to both the giver and receiver.  We also love the banter and community feel.  Beautiful clothes, feel-good stories from happy families and the opportunity for a good old belly-laugh make it all worthwhile.


What’s your favourite ever Frugi print?
We all have our favourites.  We’re all massive fans of the Cornish Cream Tea Skater but we pretty much all have a favourite Frugi creature too: Claire’s our resident Queen Bee, Welsh Caroline is baaaamy for the sheep, Jodie is our catwoman, Louise is the foxy lady of the group, Amy is the giraffe enthusiast, Hannah is a rainbow fish fan and our Helen is absolutely quackers for ducks.


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