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Did you hear our BIG news?

We’ve welcomed a very special new member of the Frugi family…TotsBots!


If you’ve not heard of them, TotsBots design and make eco-friendly washable nappies from bamboo and recycled plastic-bottles.


We’re in love with their colourful and fun designs, their environmental ethics and their mission to make the world a nappier place…they really are the perfect fit for Frugi!


As parents are waking up to the damage that disposable nappies are doing to the planet, washable nappies are becoming more and more popular. Forget the terry toweling squares and nappy pins of old, today’s nappy technology has come a long way!


Sustainability charity WRAP, estimates that a child will use between 4-6,000 nappies between birth and potty training, with around 3 billion single-use nappies annually representing 2-3% of all household waste. In addition to a clear financial benefit for young families, which is estimated to be over £750 over the life of a child, the environmental impact can be cut significantly with reusable nappies, as only 30 to 50 cloth nappies are necessary from birth to potty and the nappies can be reused by second or third children.


TotsBots are the experts in their field and have everything new parents need to start on their cloth nappy journey, from advice, videos and chat to the cutest prints and patterns.

It’s fate!

Did you know that Frugi and TotsBots go way back?!

In fact TotsBots had a hand in the creation of Frugi! You see way back in 2003, Lucy (our co-founder) had a baby boy. Being an environmentally friendly kind of mum, she made the decision to use washable nappies but then found that she couldn’t find any clothing to fit over her son’s big cloth nappy!




One of Lucy’s inspirational moments came from reading an article about the story of how TotsBots was born; a story of following a dream to make the world a better place. Lucy and Fiona from TotsBots eventually met, and over the years have become friends and confidantes.

Fast forward to today, the kids have all grown up and so have Frugi and TotsBots.






Tracy and Hugo from Frugi and Fiona and Magnus from TotsBots, say cheeese


We honestly couldn’t be happier joining forces with Frugi. We have so much respect for the brand and are very excited to be joining the Frugi Family. It will enable us to take our mission to a whole new level and spread a little nappiness even further and wider… also looking forward to the pasties at the monthly management meetings!”

Fiona Smyth, TotsBots founder


“Fiona and Magnus’s flufftastic brand was a huge inspiration to me at the start of Cut4Cloth (now Frugi) back in 2003. I even took a “Times” newspaper article on them to the bank when I was asking for a start up loan – I was proving that washable nappies were indeed making a huge come back and making the clothes to fit over them was a dead cert! I have to admit I was a little star struck when I met them in person at a baby show a few months later. This is the most natural joining of brands since “haggis and neeps” were invented!” – Lucy Jewson, Frugi founder


Did you know? TotsBots also have a fab range of reusable sanitary pads called Bloom & Nora!

You can buy TotsBots nappies and Bloom&Nora online.



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