Chance for Childhood- Abu’s story

We've just received this heartwarming case study from our charity, Chance for Childhood, all about a little boy called Abu.



Three years ago, Abu and his father turned up at Kinbu nursery in Accra. They lived in a shack close to a busy market – where Abu would spend his days carried round on a wooden wheelbarrow pushed by his father who collected rubbish in return for a small fee. Unsafe and unhygienic, it was no place for a child.

On the doorsteps of the nursery, Abu looked sick. He was malnourished and his clothes were dirty.




Kinbu nursery is a special place.

With Frugi’s generous support, Chance for Childhood works with local organisation Street Girls Aid to offer a lifeline to hundreds of young street-connected children who have nowhere else to turn.

At Kinbu, every child can learn and play in a way they’ve not been able to before. They get three healthy meals a day and the chance to learn and play through activities like colouring in and creative writing as well as basic numeracy and literacy.



They’re immunised against common diseases and taught basic sanitation and hygiene – keeping them healthy and safe!

Abu’s father took him every day for three years and his time at the nursery has completely transformed him. From being shy and struggling to communicate, he’s now outgoing and confident and thrives alongside his peers.

As well as the immediate support Kinbu gave Abu and his father, the nursery prepared him for his next step. In Ghana, children must take a compulsory exam to attend primary school. We’re delighted that Abu has passed! He’s getting the education that never would have been possible without Kinbu.


Every time you buy something from Frugi you help children like Abu to have a better childhood.

Frugi have been supporting Chance for Childhood's Kinbu nursery in Ghana for the past two years, donating over £66,000 to make sure the nursery can provide everything the children need to have a brighter future.



We donate 1% of our turnover to charity each year through our Little clothes BIG change project- find out more here

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