Designed for little people…and the planet

Here at Frugi we design clothing that has magical powers! Clothing that can grow with your child, lasts and lasts…and lasts, changes its design to suit your child’s mood and can brighten up the greyest of days!

Frugi threads really do let kids be kids, we like our clothes to be extra comfy, with no scratchy labels or pinching waistbands! Perfect for doing cartwheels, playing leapfrog and going on treasure hunts. Frugi clothes are full of beans (just like your little ones!) and as bright and colourful as we want their future to be!


Our very clever design team are on a mission to create beautiful designs that are well-made and hard wearing, we want your favourite Frugi styles to last and last so they can be worn by younger siblings or given to your favourite friends (the lucky things).


Designed with kids in mind


Just like your little ones Frugi clothing is jam packed with personality!

Our Reversible styles are perfect for letting them decide which way they want to wear their clothes, …also ideal for mucky pups who spill half their dinner down their front! Just change to the other side and off they go!


Grow with me


Little ones grow like weeds don’t they?!

Our roll down cuffs and waistbands will mean their Parsnip pants fit for way longer.

The clever double poppers on our baby vests mean they can be extended to fit those adorable chubby little thighs and adjustable popper fastenings will make straps longer... so they still fit even after a growth spurt!


Smarty pants!

All of our baby range (0-4y) is created with a little bit of extra wriggle room to fit over washable cloth nappies.

Did you know? Frugi was originally called Cut4Cloth...we started life when Frugi founders struggled to find clothing to fit over their son's cloth nappies, you can read all about our story on Planet Frugi.



We love bringing clothing to life!


Button on/off Frugi characters, a digger that moves with your arm, and pockets that have magical unicorns living in them!

Our interactive appliques and super fun designs will keep their little hands busy and encourage those fine motor skills too! Cool hey?!




Innovative design

Our fab Tyler Ripstop Combat trousers are an essential for little adventurers!

Zip the legs on or off depending on the weather!

You can even roll them up and fasten with the side buttons for a 3/4 length look.

Three trousers in one!








Here at Frugi we are always looking for new ways to create beautiful clothing that has an exciting ethical story, that’s why our Outerwear range is made from recycled plastic bottles!


Turning old plastic into something truly Frugitastic! Don’t worry, we’re not wizards…Watch our video to find out how we do it!


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