Join us as we travel to Japan…

Pack your suitcase and join us as we head to the land of the rising sun!

Hello Japan... or should we say: ‘kon'nichiwa’! (こんにちは)

To inspire our new SS20 collection our intrepid Frugi design team travelled to the faraway islands of Japan, located in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Asia.

In a place where chaotic modern life meets ancient traditions, Japan is a timeless place full of culture just waiting to be absorbed. Our Design team travelled all over Japan, taking in the bright city lights of Tokyo, the majestic mount Fuji and learning the concept of ‘Ikigai’ in Okinawa.

If you’d like to learn more about the Japanese concept of ‘Ikigai’ head to our SS20 Seasonal Story blog.

We caught up with the team to find out a bit more about their Japanese adventure, hear about their favourite places and see how their trip has inspired the prints and designs for the new SS20 collection…



Jeni, Head Designer at Frugi: 

“We were so excited to be visiting Japan! We navigated our way through the busy cities where gigantic skyscrapers fill the skylines and rainbow-coloured vehicles zoom past, we even spotted a mischievous monster sneaking amongst the buildings! Don’t worry – he’s not real! The fictional Japanese monster has inspired our City Stomp print where our own friendly Frugi monster has been seen stomping through the streets of Tokyo!”



Check out our Nora Reversible Dress and Rory Reversible Dungarees in this fun unisex print!


Hannah, Designer at Frugi:

“The streets are lined with lots of shops and stalls which we took time to browse, looking through the offerings. Nippori Textile Town was one of my favourite parts of the trip! There were rows and rows of fabric with beautiful, interesting patterns and colours everywhere. It was a feast for the eyes and the fabric went on forever! With about 90 stores along the street it’s a DIY paradise for the creative crafters of Tokyo, selling everything from cotton and denim to leather, sewing machines and accessories. The bright colours, funky patterns and characters gave us ideas that inspired the new collection, from traditional Japanese cherry blossom prints to the more modern anime characters.”

The team packed their essentials: cameras for taking snaps of all the interesting sights they saw, sketchbooks to note down and draw their ideas inspired by the trip and comfortable shoes for all the walking they did!


Travelling around Japan is super-fun when you can catch one of the fastest trains in the world! The Bullet Train, also known as Shinkansen in Japan, can travel up to 320km per hour, now that IS fast! Taking inspiration from this rapid rail line, you'll soon be able to spot these high-speed trains zooming across the collection!


Rory Reversible Dungarees


Alice, Designer at Frugi:

“Visiting the Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine has to be one of the highlights for me. Shinto is Japan’s ancient religion which is still deeply rooted in Japanese life even today. The values focus on things like ‘harmony with nature’ and virtues such as “magokoro” which means a sincere heart. The beautiful buildings and gardens felt very calming, which was a huge contrast to the chaos we experienced in the rest of Tokyo. We saw the workmen being blessed before they set out to their jobs, it felt like everyone had a sense of purpose. I also loved all the colourful details on the sake barrels!”


Japan is known for its many temples and shrines; these are places of reflection and tranquillity for locals and tourists alike.


Filled with lots of trees, plants, bridges and ponds, the magnificent gardens represent the ultimate beauty of nature, and are home to many Koi Carp species. Often kept in the ponds for decorative purposes, Koi Carp are said to be symbols of love, friendship and good fortune in Japan.

These friendly little fish are making a splash in our Koi Joy print which can be found amongst some of our favourite unisex outfits: Reversible Snuggle Jacket, Bobby Applique Top, Caleb Cable Knit Jumper, Parsnip Pants.


Our Photography Team found their own slice of tranquillity a little closer to home here in Cornwall, visiting The Japanese Garden in Newquay. The choice in setting was inspired by the Japanese theme and concept of Ikigai, both of which have inspired the new SS20 collection!


Genna, Head of Photography at Frugi:

“We’re so lucky to be able to experience the culture of Japan right here on our doorstep! Surrounded by pretty plants and ponds filled with koi-carp the gardens were perfect for our photoshoot.


We’d like to thank The Japanese Garden for allowing us to use the garden as a location for our SS20 photoshoots.


View the fab new Spring Summer collection here.

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