Stuck indoors? We’re here to help…

Whether it’s a rainy day or an unexpected school closure…We’ve complied a list of 101 fun things to do indoors with kids.


  • Make paper aeroplanes and see who can throw them the furthest
  • Make salt dough
  • Make suncatchers
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Make a bird box
  • Make a hedgehog house
  • Finger painting animals
  • Paint with watercolours
  • Paint rocks
  • Potato printing
  • Make a time capsule
  • Do a self portrait
  • Make paper boats
  • Make friendship bracelets
  • Make an origami heart
  • Create a collage of the solar system
  • Learn how to say hello in 5 different languages
  • Learn a new card game
  • Hide and seek
  • Play musical statues,
  • Play musical bumps
  • Play pass the parcel
  • Play Simon says
  • Build an obstacle course
  • Play with bubbles
  • learn how to juggle
  • Spot birds out of the window
  • Make a house from a cardboard box
  • Do a wordsearch
  • Make a bookmark
  • Have a karaoke session
  • Learn to plait
  • Play eye spy
  • Mould animals with Fimo or clay
  • Paint with your feet
  • Play with walkies talkies
  • Make a telephone with paper cups and string
  • Make pizza dough and bake your own pizzas
  • Face paint
  • Write and illustrate a story book
  • Draw a comic strip
  • Make paper fortune tellers
  • Make sock puppets
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Design and make your own board game
  • Make a collage
  • Tie dye your old clothes
  • Make a life-sized drawing of yourself
  • Make pasta pictures
  • Make and freeze some yummy fruit lollies




  • Start a journal
  • Build a den/fort
  • Learn a dance routine and put on a show
  • Have a tea party with your toys
  • Do a treasure hunt around the house
  • Put on a fashion show
  • Do yoga
  • learn a new instrument
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Dance around in party clothes
  • Make your grocery own shop
  • Do a jigsaw
  • Hopscotch
  • Sow some seeds – create a little veg patch, a wild flower garden for the bees and butterflies
  • Have a movie matinee with popcorn
  • Indoor bowling
  • Play Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Musical chairs
  • Plant some cress seeds
  • Teach your pet to do a new trick
  • Bake cupcakes
  • Build a castle from Lego
  • Learn to sew
  • Try some magic tricks
  • Make a wind chime
  • Make a superhero mask
  • Play Jenga
  • Make a volcano
  • Indoor fishing
  • Hula hooping
  • Make dinner together
  • Make rainbow rice
  • Paint leaves
  • Make a thankful jar
  • Make a cereal box aquarium
  • Make slime
  • Make paper crowns
  • Learn how to do a handstand
  • Have a family quiz
  • Play tiddlywinks
  • Make tissue paper flowers
  • Make shadow shapes with a torch
  • Make a band using kitchen utensils as instruments
  • Write a letter to your friend
  • Set up a racing track
  • Have a boat race in the bath
  • Salt paintings
  • Collect your old toys ready to take to the charity shop
  • Write a wish list
  • Paint a rainbow and stick it up in your window for everyone to see
  • Make some mocktails with fresh fruit juice (although parents might need a real one after all that?!)

Our lovely friends at The Cornwall Wildlife Trust have some fun indoor activities for kids to do! Including making an egg carton crab and beeswax wraps!

Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes delivered to your door can be worth their weight in gold! Packed with fun and educational activities for kids to do and learn.


Craft boxes - Toucan Box 

They say..." The team behind every toucanBox creation is a dedicated group of former teachers, educators and artists.

ToucanBox projects are designed to cultivate a child’s natural curiosity to learn. And while our inspiration stretches across many methods of learning and curriculums, from the National Curriculum to Montessori, each box ultimately champions STEAM. Using Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths as key touchpoints, children should be thinking creatively: observing, designing, inventing, expressing themselves and solving problems to complete their project. All whilst having a great deal of fun."


Baking- Little Cooks

Little Cooks Co is the UK’s first healthy cooking kit for kids. These lovely little boxes offer quality time with children, away from screens and distractions, while cooking up something yummy and healthy together.


Designed by Helen, a

registered nutritionist, each monthly box contains an easy to follow recipe and all the dry organic ingredients perfectly measured out to make it, free from refined ingredients like sugar and gluten. The

se lovely kits make cooking with kids fun, easy and healthy!  The lovely team at Little Cooks are offering Frugi blog readers an amazing 25% off the price of your first box using the code LCC25 



STEM- Educational fun from Kiwi co 

kiwiCo is a monthly subscription service that offers kid’s educational projects, crafts, and activities on different themes.

They say- "KiwiCo builds children’s creative confidence and problem-solving skills with award-winning STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) projects and activities. Every month, each of our lines delivers developmentally appropriate projects, inspiration, and activities created by in-house experts and tested by kids."



Toys Whirli toy library

Whirli is a subscription children's toy service available in the UK.

A Whirli subscription gives parents and their little one(s) access to a huge shareable toy box for a fixed monthly price of just £9.99 per month. Parents pick the toys they want, we deliver them, and they simply send them back when they are done in exchange for something else. It's easy-peasy, gives parents more for their money, reduces living room clutter, and is environmentally friendly.

Every year, the average child in the UK receives ~£300-£350 of toys from their parents or through gifts. Most of these end up neglected after just a few plays. Spend less on a Whirli subscription or gift, and fill their toy boxes with toys that will keep them entertained and develop their skills.



Nature- Mud and Bloom

Mud & Bloom connects children to nature. Our monthly subscription box delivers seasonal nature crafts and gardening activities to your door. Each box contains everything you need for four growing and craft activities along with nature news and games to teach children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall.
Mud & Bloom is created by qualified teachers for children aged 3-8 and supports the national curriculum with influence from Forest School, Steiner and Montessori education.
Use code FIRSTBOX10  for 10% off a first month to month single or sibling box 

Other ideas?

Facebook groups and pages- search FAMILY LOCKDOWN tips and ideas, PLAN C, Red Ted Art

Cosmic kids on you tube have meditation, yoga and stories


We have lots of downloadable Fun stuff at!     including, colouring in sheets, cards and puzzles!


We asked our Frugi Family what they have been up to with their little ones, you can read their answers here

Let us know if you have found any pages or resources that you love! send us a message on our Frugi Family Facebook group and we'll add it to this blog!

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