BIG Royal News for Frugi!

We’ve got an exciting announcement…

Frugi are SO proud to announce that we have been awarded not one, but TWO, Queen’s Awards for Enterprise! HURRAH!

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious awards for UK businesses, recognising and encouraging outstanding achievements. Excitingly we’ve been recognised with awards for both Sustainable Development and International Trade and are one of only four companies to achieve a double Award this year! YIPPEE!

To celebrate, the Frugi team joined a video call in our Sunday bests and raised a cuppa together – pinkies raised of course!

Frugi has been putting the planet and people first since the very beginning!

We couldn’t be more pleased and prouder to have been recognised for our continuous efforts in sustainability, as we continue our mission to show the clothing industry that you can run a successful business whilst being sustainable & ethical.


Our gorgeous clothing is made using GOTS (Global Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, meaning we know the processes used are better for and have a lower impact on the environment and the farmers

growing the crops. There are lots of measurable environmental benefits to growing and using organic cotton compared to conventional cotton, one of them being that organic cotton uses less energy than conventional cotton as no nasty chemicals are used in the production process. This means there are no nasties being injected into the eco-system around us.


Ethics and sustainability are values that reach throughout our team and practices; from the organic cotton farms through to the factories we work with. Our team works closely with manufactures visiting regularly to ensure everything is ship-shape and everyone adheres to the Frugi Code of Conduct. If you’d like to learn more about our sustainability and ethical efforts check out Planet Frugi to explore!


Frugi has always attracted passionate people who care about people and the planet, it’s ingrained within the very core of the business. Our amazingly talented team are always open to new ideas, fresh thinking and have a desire to succeed. We set up a dedicated ‘Green Committee’ of Frugi employees who meet regularly to discuss all things eco at Frugi HQ. The aims and objectives of the committee are to lead the way in environmental and business sustainability and to strengthen and reinforce Frugi’s business values.


For us, sustainability is linked to ethics, which is why we donate 1% of our annual turnover to charities who are making a difference in the lives of children and the environment. So far Frugi has donated over £580,000 to charities through our [link: Little Clothes BIG Change project.

This is the second time that Frugi has won the Queen’s Award for International Trade! We first won the prestigious award back in 2014. Over the last six years we have continued to achieve outstanding growth overseas and last year exported products directly to 72 international markets as well as working with 678 retailers across 34 countries. WOW, that’s a lot!

On a final note from our CEO, Hugo Adams:

‘Ever since Frugi was founded, it has been our mission to show the world that you can create a successful brand, whilst upholding strong ethical & environmental values. To achieve two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development and in International Trade is a great endorsement of all that we’ve achieved with our environmental commitments and also our drive and passion to take these principles global.  Being one of only four companies to achieve a double Award this year is fantastic recognition of the very hard work and dedication from all the team that makes our business truly unique’.



Feeling inspired to be more eco-friendly? Why not take on the Earth Day, Every Day challenge?

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