Earth Day, Every Day | 7 Ways to Celebrate!


We chatted to mum, Eco Blogger and author of Six Weeks to Zero Waste, Kate Arnell, about how she's celebrating Earth day this year, and every year. From encouraging her son, Arthur, to get outside to the natural world, cracking down on food waste and using her voice to contact companies about the impact they're having on the environment. These are just a few ways you can also make Earth Day, every day!

We love our planet and we try our very best to protect it!

Since the very beginning Frugi has striven to be as ethically and environmentally responsible as possible, and we still work to these values more than 16 years later.

By choosing to use organic cotton grown by farmers we trust over conventional cotton and creating our outerwear and swimwear collections from recycled post-consumer plastic, we're always exploring innovative ways to protect our planet. It has always been at the forefront of our mission to show that superb design, great ethics and passionate people can help to change the world!


We believe it’s Earth Day every day, and we want to help you create long-lasting habits by choosing sustainable over single use.


Little boy wearing the Frugi Hedgerow Hoody climbs a tree.


Join us as we celebrate 51 years of Earth Day with 7 super-fun activities!  

Happy Planet Habits!

We believe that every day is Earth Day and we should always be trying to do more for the planet! Join us and make your own Earth Day Pledge with your little ones noting down things you’ll keep doing and things you’ll stop doing as a family to help create a happier planet. Get creative and try to use recycled materials to create & decorate it! If you’re struggling for ideas, check out our Earth Day Pledge template

A little girl wearing Frugi's Esther Playsuit in a ditsy floral print points to the purple and yellow flowers around her.

Green Fingers!

Whether you’ve got a garden, some window-sill plant pots or an allotment, anyone can plant a scattering of seeds! Whip on the gardening gloves and get busy! Our handy Plant Markers stuck onto wooden lollipop sticks are perfect for showing where you’ve planted your seeds! 

You can choose to plant vegetables and herbs to enjoy in your meals, or pretty flowers to support pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Watching sunflowers grow is a sure favourite for little ones as they reach up into the sky! 

Wildlife Wonders!

Wildlife plays such a huge role in our ecosystems and we like to protect and preserve it as much as we can. Why not try creating a bird feeder or hedgehog restaurant to keep your local wildlife well fed! For more ideas, head to our blog where Cornwall Wildlife Trust offer us some more nature activities to do with the whole family!

Get Crafting!

See what interesting treasures you can find in the garden or out on your daily walk then create a piece of art from them! You could take rubbings from bark and pine cones, paint rocks, draw a picture of some flowers or print with leaves like Lisa, from our Ecommerce team, and her little one, George did!  Don’t forget to share with us @welovefrugi or submit on here to earn yourself some points on Frugi Fun! We love to see your creations! 

I Spy with My Little Eye!

We’ve created some fun indoor and outdoor Scavenger Hunts for your little ones! Even if the sun hasn’t got his hat on, you can still enjoy this activity from the comfort of your home - see if you can spot them all!


Click below to download!

Eco Checklist!

Want to see how eco-friendly you can be? Check out our Eco Checklist where you’ll find some ideas of how you can make a difference. It may seem small, but if everyone did just a little bit to help, just imagine the amazing impact we’d have! If you’re looking for more eco-living ideas, take a look at our Top Tips for Zero Waste Living blog.


Colour My World!

Crack out the arts and crafts box and prepare to get messy! Create an Earth Day poster from recycled materials or paint a picture of all your favourite things on the Earth! If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve created a lovely colouring activity which you can use. Don’t forget to share your Earth Day masterpieces with us @welovefrugi or upload to Frugi Fun to earn yourself some points! 

Did you know we won a Queen's Award for our sustainable efforts? Read more about it here!

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