Do you know of a charity supporting children living in poverty in the UK?

Every year we donate 1% of our turnover to charity through our Little Clothes BIG Change charity project. We are so proud to say that over the past 16 years we have donated more than £600,000 to worthy causes.

This year with the help of our customers we’re on a mission to improve the lives of children living in poverty in the UK.


We are looking for small grass roots charities in UK communities that are supporting kids living in poverty.

We’d really love to help as many charity projects as possible, focusing on our three pillars: Hunger, Shelter and Nature.

We’re looking for small projects we can fund in their entirety, not running costs.


A registered charity number is essential so please make sure you have this to hand before applying.

We'll be inviting charities to apply for this funding four times throughout our charity year, opening the application form for three weeks at a time.

Deadline 12pm GMT 8/7/20


About our criteria

Examples of the type of projects we are looking for are as follows:




Do you work at a local Food bank who need some new equipment? Maybe you run a Community kitchen providing vital nutrition and meals to children in need?

·         Food banks

·         Community kitchens

·         Holiday hunger





Does your charity help run groups for underprivileged children at community centres? Are you a charity who donates white goods to families living in poverty?


·         Homelessness

·         Community centres

·         Foster care





Does your charity help connect children with nature through workshops or days out?  Perhaps you give vulnerable children a chance to play and have fun outdoors?


·         Community Gardens

·         Experiences

·         Parks and playgrounds



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