We’ve all made a BIG change this year!

Every year with the help of our fabulous customers Frugi gives 1% of turnover to charity through our Little Clothes BIG change project. Over the past 16 years we have donated an amazing £723,193 to charity!

For the past two years we have been supporting Chance for Childhood, Little Lifesavers and The Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

We have just been able to make our end of year donations to our charities. Totaling over £144,000! Wahooo!

We know that lots of charities are suffering at the moment and they need all the support they can get, we are super grateful to our customers for continuing to spend their hard earned pennies on beautiful Frugi clothing, this in turn enables us to donate to these very worthy causes.

In Accra, Ghana’s capital, there are an estimated 61,400 street children. Life on the streets is dirty, insecure, violent and short. Street children are the target of human trafficking, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological harm and child labour. These homeless young people are often seen as a burden to society - not as children being deprived of basic human needs and needing protection, care and love. Without an education, street children have very little prospects for a better future.

The Kinbu nursery (run by Street Girls Aid) provides vulnerable children the chance to be in a safe, loving environment and get pre-school education. Thanks to quality education and nutritious meals, these children have a better chance to access primary school and break the cycle of poverty later in life.

Frugi have been supporting the Kinbu nursery over the past two years and have donated an amazing £90,000 to the charity.






Little Lifesavers believe that all children should be taught Basic Life Saving Skills, providing the straightforward skills required to save a life. They also believe that training should be delivered to the correct standard by an appropriate trained and experienced trainer.

Over the past two years Frugi’s donations of £80, 000 have enabled the charity to really get off the ground. Following the fantastic news that CPR and lifesaving skills were added to the UK curriculum in 2019 they are creating lots of new groups , Investing in new technologies and new techniques to reach more children.

They are also developing a new teaching model for Secondary School Children.

Little lifesavers are also developing a new training model to train non medical volunteers to deliver their training to increase the depth of volunteers and therefore the ability to provide training. This is more important than ever in the current Covid pandemic as most volunteers work in the NHS so won’t be available.

Find out about volunteering or setting up a Little lifesavers group



Frugi have been supporting The Cornwall Wildlife Trust for over 13 years, donating more than £230,000 to help protect our beautiful coastline and ocean.


We have supported some very important projects including...


Marine Strandings Network


The Marine Strandings Network is a flagship project of Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and has been recording and monitoring dead marine wildlife strandings in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for over 25 years.  They train and support a team of over 150 volunteers who, man the dedicated Strandings Hotline,  to record all reported strandings of marine species  on Cornwall's coastline.





The aim of Seasearch is to record marine habitats and species found around our coast, and to use the information to identify sites of specific conservation concern. The data collected helps us with our conservation work and raises public awareness of the value of our marine environment.


Shoresearch is a user-friendly and fun method of exploring the shore and recording the species and habitats found there. Shoresearch Cornwall has been run by Cornwall Wildlife Trust since 2012 and in this time we have carried out hundreds of surveys and have trained over 200 volunteers.

As Frugi donations have increased year on year they have been able to fund additional areas of core Living Seas work including proposing new Marine conservation zones in Cornish seas.



Bottlenose dolphin image by Dan Murphy

Introducing a new Charity project for 2020…

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