How can I help my child’s Eczema?

If your child is suffering from're not alone.
In fact 1 in 5 children in the UK* suffer from this uncomfortable, itchy skin condition which can be really distressing for babies and children, and stressful for parents.


There are things you can do to help relieve their symptoms, including dressing them in organic cotton.


Although not scientifically proven we receive lots of great customer feedback telling us how Frugi clothing has helped babies and children suffering with Eczema.
The main reason Organic cotton is thought to help Eczema is because no nasty chemicals are used in production. From the field to the garment, organic clothing is made without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers. The cotton is softer than conventional cotton, and here at Frugi we ensure that there are no scratchy labels or seams that could cause irritation on delicate skin.


This Organic September we asked our lovely Frugi Family group- "Do you have any advice for parents of children who suffer with Eczema? Any top tips that may help them out?"

Here are the responses, we hope they help!



I’d say not all creams work for all children and every child is different so you just have to keep trying till you find one that works for them. It took us 10 different products till we found one they worked got us - Charlotte


Bizarrely, and not clothing related, changing ketchup brands really helped my twins' eczema! - Emily


Keeping well moisturised and always showering after swimming has helped massively - Kate


Washing less was the only thing that made a difference to my eldest. We were given all these lotions and potions to put on after bathing at first but when we were referred the doctor said to only wash him if he was dirty and even then only a flannel bath! I'm not sure if this is coincidence but over the next few weeks his skin started to clear, now seven years on and he can bath more regularly but if he swims a lot or he's in and out of the bath a few consecutive days in a row his elbows/knees flare up - Fiona


No fabric conditioner when washing and the right cream for the right child (our two respond to different creams). Also scratch sleeves for the older one when she was a baby / toddler - Suzanne


My son had terrible eczema on his face at one point, and eventually we realised that it was made far worse by eating citrus fruit and juices. It cleared up completely after avoiding them for a while and hasn't come back - Eleanor


Not all creams work for all babies / children. For us Green People baby salve was a winner. We tried many different ones but this one was the one for us. Used as soon as there was even a hint of a dry patch. Watch products containing SLS. Use washing detergent (liquid) and fabric softener that are non-bio, not heavily perfumed. We used Ecover at first and lately attitude - Rebecca


Child’s Farm products have been amazing for us, especially the baby lotion and Fairy nonbiological capsules with the conditioner. Organic clothes, PJs and bedding as my little boy tends to scratch at night - Caroline


Porridge oats in the bath, tie them in a muslin (or old sock will also do). It works a treat -Nicola


Milk. If my son has much milk his flares up everywhere. We don't ban milk completely but if he's having a glass of milk we will give him soya instead. Definitely makes a difference - Caroline

We have found most prescription creams pointless. And irritate more than soothe. A really natural balm with calendula is great. The thing that helped us was figuring out my sons food allergies (dairy, soya and gluten) removing them from his diet and not using any washing products containing artificial fragrances and sodium laurel sulphate or the like. If you have a child that scratches in their sleep then a GP can prescribe special eczema pj's. I believe you can buy silk scratch mits too. My daughter's eczema is seasonal, so although we have removed all triggers it still flares each winter - Klaire


Scratch sleeves- PJs for bed that have silk mitts to stop the scratching - Judith


Don’t bath them every day. My son suffers badly and we bath every 2-3 days using aveeno bath wash and never bother with shampoo- Caroline


Aveeno bath wash 2-3 times a week and also watch out for thick seams, cuffs, collars etc which esp seem to aggravate skin - Sarah


Reusible wetwipes and nappies have changed our life she still has it bad but not as bad as when using disposables - Jemma



Before any of the below I would allergy test. For us - Method laundry liquid with a tiny amount of conditioner, Comfort Pure. Epaderm cream, or when really bad Epaderm grease twice a day. Oilatum in bath, if bad then Dermol 500 too (have to experiment with dosage for each child). Free and clear shampoo and conditioner (American). Oilatum Junior body wash (looking for another atm as discontinued). Hydrocortisone / Eumovate / antibiotics if not under control - Michelle


My daughter we use all child's farm stuff she doesn't suffer half as bad then . Honesty I would look at diet too my daughter changed overnight when we cut all dairy from her diet - Natalie


My son has keratitis Polaris (unsure of spelling)..lots of fresh air and sunshine helped a lot..cold can irritate his skin but overall his skin is better for getting outside more - Chantal


Child’s farm is our life saver! As an adult with crazy Eczema it has changed my life as well!- Jess


Bath them as little as you can get away with (once or twice a week max), don't use any products with fragrance (and otherwise as little as possible). avoid polyester (including school uniform and underwear). use vests as an extra layer between trousers and body when it’s cool enough to do this. Avoid fabric conditioner as well as detergents with fragrance - Johanna


This is the old eczema adage, what works for one child doesn’t work for another. My daughter reacted to aveeno, numerous other gp prescribed emollients, lush dream cream and a Keihls one. Child’s Farm got rid of eczema almost overnight and she didn’t react. One dermatologist moaned about the fragrance in it, whilst another said if it works, keep using it and don’t change. We use other Child’s Farm products too - Rachel


We sorted out the swimming by spreading almond oil on her skin (specially on those parts where the eczema is) almond oil. It kind of shields the skin from the chlorine - Ylenia


Keep something cold in fridge (I use spoons). When itching is really bad they can be placed on itchy spots to help soothe! -Hannah



We use Shea butter with Calendula oil - a Hungarian company made it and it's name is Fairybalm 🙂 And for bath we use another product with lots of Shea butter in it- Barbara


Look for dietary causes and then eliminate them!!  - Charlotte


My 5 year old daughter suffered terribly with her skin from the age of 7 weeks and last year was on antibiotics for months for infected eczema. After allergy testing we have cut out (or severely down) on dairy, sugar, lactose, beef, tomato, kiwi, pepper, We only use Dove body wash, and wear organic clothing. It has made a huge difference to her in regards to her skin which is 99% clear now but also her behaviour and tiredness. Hopefully as she gets older her body will be able to tolerate some of the foods - Amelia


Oh and looser clothing! I suffer with it too and I cannot stand having tight fitting clothes or cuffs, it makes me itch. I can imagine it’s equally as irritating for little ones so we wear clothes slightly baggy! - Caroline


My dd has really back eczema behind her knees and so we live in Frugi, and find that airing her legs as much as possible makes a huge difference, we use an oaty cream and that's really improved things too! Swimming unfortunately makes things much worse 🙁 and she loves swimming, so we have to take extra care after swimming - Meg

Child’s farm for us. My son is almost 15 and we had tried many things, prescription and more natural remedies. He was a little mortified at trying baby moisturiser but it’s totally cleared up ? - Nicola


Derma silk undergarments! They we're brilliant for my daughter. If you are very lucky you can get them on prescription as they are £££ to buy - Penny


That’s how we discovered Frugi! Because of my daughter’s skin condition. Frugi’s cotton was gentle on her skin, which means that when her skin was in bed condition Frugi won’t irritate it while other cotton would. I think her issue was/is in the colors of the fabric. She had a T-shirt from another brand in 2 different colors (one bright blue and one very light pink... almost white), she wore first the pink and had no issues but only after few hours wearing the blue one she developed a rush across her chest. Our local indie recommended Frugi and we have loved it since. We also use almond oil to moisturize the skin, to protect it from the chlorine of the pool and to add to the bath. Then we wash and moisturize with 2 Swiss products- Ylenia


Disposable nappies give my daughter eczema so we switched to cloth - Jodie


I cut milk from my then 18 month olds diet. Bad skin from day 1, 20 months now and not a patch! - Becca


Pure organic essential lavender oil neat or in a neutral organic carrier cream...acts within 12 hours on vivid blood red eczema - Jane


I use Aveeno with shea butter in it and it works amazing for me but please highlight what works for one doesn't work for all as I see people say "this will definitely work as it worked for my child" but we are all different.  Also what to stay away from like if someone has a cold sore or impetigo as I was hospitalised when I was 11 as the infection strips your skin if you have eczema - Wendy


Try lots of moisturisers. If you find the right one and use it twice a day, the eczema can be kept at bay and steroid creams avoided. Our nirvana for my daughter is Child Farm’s moisturiser. - Rachel


Child’s Farm moisturiser is good for us - Neil

Cut dairy out completely.. it was the cause of my son’s eczema and asthma. Organic food helps, no nasty chemicals! - Pat


Aveeno cream has worked wonders for my little boys eczema, as well as wearing as much organic cotton as possible! (Yet another excuse to buy more Frugi!?) the Aveeno bath wash also works well for my sons skin and the Oilatum junior bath emollient is great if he has a particularly bad flare up?? - Maisie


Sweet almond oil on affected skin. Breast milk in bath or oats tied in muslin and oaty water squeezed into bath to soothe, - Christine


Natural fabrics for clothes, nightwear and bedding and our miracle cure was breastmilk- cures all ails. - Clare 


Eternal skincare aloe Vera cream. The white tub with the green lid. It’s absolutely fantastic!!! I tried it when I found it at Chatsworth horse trials of all places on my little boy, who had open sore patches on his shoulder and back. At the time, he also had it down his front, back and on his face. It settled it down almost instantly and is just wonderful. I also had a dermatologist prescribe Zeroveen, which is basically an equivalent of Aveeno and that is great too. My boy only has a tiny bit of eczema that isn’t there all the time on the backs of his knees. Absolutely overjoyed that he doesn’t have the sore open patches anymore. -Lucy 



My lovely little boy was born with a large mole on his well as wearing soft frugi  I keep him moisturised with baby Aveno and it has definitely faded slightly since birth (now 4months) despite being told it could grow. - Abi


Epsom salt or “Kraes” in babys bathwater. No perfume what so ever in the house. UK - I’m sorry, but you put scent In absolutely everything. Then lots of good fats for baby. Organic, unrefined and natural. Like virgin olive oil and real butter. When my daughter had her first outbreak, coconut oil as a cream, or ceridal. Also had another very effective one. best applied after bath and then run around with no clothes for a bit. Very importation if there’s water in it. If you go outside it has to be without water REMEMBER: Natural oil/ Limonen / calendula oil - all that stuff.. is STILL perfume. Don’t put it on your babies. And just because a product is organic, won’t make it free from bad ingredients. - Ditte


Sudocrem was the only thing that helped clear my little ones eczema up. Used to smother her head to toe twice a day.  She also can't wear wool as it flares up. Also when weaning tomatoes and citrus fruits set it off but she loved cucumber. Must have been more soothing for her face and hands. - Erica

Being out in the sunshine has helped my sons eczema so much- Deirdre 


If they go swimming, bathing then as soon as you get home rather than waiting seems to help loads - Charlotte


Coconut oil and lavender...couldn’t get over how quickly it cleared a severe outbreak on our little boy’s face. Dermol bath after swimming...and showered at the pool. Norwex body cloths for all other washing (ie not with dermol). and Norwex UPP for washing powder(no fillers) Tropic suncream has been the only one he hasn’t reacted to.(tried 3 prescription ones first).-  Judith



My mum has terrible eczema & orders products all the way from in Australia (we're in Canada) because they're some of the few products that will not only not irritate her skin but will also help calm it & they have a line of children's products too! -  Emma


Cut the allergen from your diet and voilà, no need for any creams! Dairy, soya, egg, fish and sulphite free = one clear skinned happy baby! Eczema is a secondary symptom to another problem, often dietary, otherwise environmental (perfumes) -  Zoë

My eldest has eczema, and he only wears organic cotton clothes as it really keeps his eczema at bay. When it does flare up we find that cooler showers or baths help as well as plenty of sunshine. - Louisa


My little one doesn't have eczema but I do. I have it on my hands, arms and the back of my knees. I found drinking organic cows or goats milk has really helped. Also using The Body Shop's Amazonian Saviour Balm has helped too. Especially if I put it on my hands and wear organic cotton gloves overnight ?- Emily



Please note this is advice given by members of the public, not medical professionals. If you have any medical concerns we advise you consult your GP.


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